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Application or plugin for typing in hindi



My mother is a Hindi teacher and she needs to type the question papers for exams. Please suggest a freeware (if possible) or MS office 2010/2013 plugin which can help her learn Hindi typing.

OS: Windows 10 Home x64

Thanks in advance


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Google input tools provides a feature where you can download a tool with which you can type in Hindi in phonetic manner. So to type, "नरम बिल्ली , गरम बिल्ली , फर की छोटी बौल, खुश बिल्ली , सोती बिल्ली, पर पर पर" you just have to write, "Naram billi, Garam billi, fur ki choti ball, khush billi, soti billi, pur, pur, pur".


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It would be easier to use Hindi Hand writing app on Android, write the question paper within Gmail and send it to yourselves. Then simply open and copy paste the text to Word.
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