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Just a question. On my friend's PC I saw that in my computer, when you right-click on the CD Drive, it gives an option called "Eject". When the tray is ejected, and we right-click on the CD Drive again, it gives the option "Load" instead of "Eject". But on my PC, when I click on "Eject" the CD tray comes out, but when I right click the icon when the CD Tray is out, I still get only the "Eject" option. Not the "Load" option. Is it possible for me to make this option enabled ?
Incase you're wondering - My friend uses and AMD Athlon 64-bit 2800+ with 512 MB Ram, Windows XP Professional OS. I use a Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with 768 MB RAM and Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2, latest updates and patches installed.


I have implemented the same application in visual basic.
I found it not possible to know whether the tray is open or closed.

If you want the code, just send me ur email id.


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Here's my ID : gunner100@gmail.com

Wouldn't it be simpler if u can send the coding via a PM ?

And the CD eject tools, gives me an external option to eject and load CDs. I was talking about an option when I right click on the CD Drive icon in My Computer.


Right-click any drive to close the tray of the optical drive
Right click on CD drive to close drive tray (just like the "Eject" option but the opposite function offered in a graphical way)

First get "cdr.exe" from the link in MSFN's official uA CD guide, or from link in this post.
Then put it into "%WindowsRoot%\System32" folder on your hard disk. e.g. If you have Windows installed to C:\windows, then put it in c:\windows\system32.

Copy following code to a new text file and save it as "cdr.reg"
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Close CD-&tray"

@="cdr.exe close ALL"

Now right click the file and select "Merge".

There are two shortcomings with the above:
a. It closes all optical-drives one after another
b. The option to "close tray" appears even if you right-click on your HD's partitions.

But then, something's better than nothing.
Also, I used to use Nero DriveSpeed to close CD-ROM's until now, but it has 2 disadvantages:
a. It doesn't work for older drives.
b. It's a third-party utility which comes bundled when you install a commercial app.

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Download CDR.exe

Here is source code that explains the working CDR.EXE - Open/Close CD Drive(s) Programmatically
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