Two question on windows XP

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I use Windows XP Professional SP2.
I have two Questions:
1. Which is better "High Colour" or "True Colour"?
2. I have turned off Automatic Updates. Everytime I log on to windows a pop up ballon from the icon tray shows up and says that my computer might be at risk. How do I turn this annoying message off?


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1. True colour is better.
2. It is not recommended to turn automatic updates off. Still if u wanna turn of that msg then open security centre (the same thing which gives that msg) ... clik on change the way security centre alerts me ... then uncheck the option of automatic updates .. u will no longer be annoyed with that msg.


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from my side
TRUE color is better choice since true color gives the best performance than high color .
go to control panel there is a folder by name windows update doublelick on it and disable the automatic updates then come to the tray icon right click on the icon windows update then click exit

thats all it is an easy task which never shows any warning and any message
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