drive locked out!

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for the past few days i cannot open my dvd writer tray. when i press the eject button, the LED glows but the tray doen'st open. only after pressing it for 4-5 times that it opens. when opening the drive using isobuster it gave the following message:"Another possible application has locked the drive. possible UDF packet software. E.g Direct CD, Packed CD, InCD,DLA,HyCD.,. OK will force the drive to open the tray.This might cause the UDF software not to finalise the CD properly".

i've no such software installed not even InCD. is deamon tools responsible for this? i've even tried disabling the winxp IMAPI service but only in vain, tried re-installing winxp too!

i don't think deamon tools is causing it because, the tray didn't open even before installing deamon tools

help me out as quickly as possible.


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InCD is assosiated with Nero.

problem can also be due to your ejecting button or the stepper motor that ejects the tray chk this out... may this can help you...


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in the pin hole, press a eject button will pressing needle. once tray get opened, always keep a cd in it.
the tray might be jammed.....i had d same prob...i inserted the pin though thepin hole....the tray popped out and i always keep sum CD in it ever since...
but what is the real cause of prob?how can it b fixed?


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One of the Main causes is that the tray gets loose due to regular use. Happens to every CD Drive after some time.
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