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hey ppl, i just realized a few days ago, that the run button shown in the start menu has disappeared altogether! i tried rectifying it by using tune-up utilities, but with no avail. also, the volume icon from the system tray has also disappeared. i tried checking the box `show icon in tray' in the volume properties from control panel, but again to no avail.
could anyone pl help me out?
i'm using win xp pro with sp2 on an amd athlon 64 3500+ with msi m/b.
thanx in advance.

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
To enable RUN again in Start Menu, open regedit and goto:


and in right-side pane, delete the key DisallowRun.

Regarding to the Volume icon, delete the key NoTrayItemsDisplay.

If u don't find the above mentioned DWORD values, then create them and set their values to 0


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Does Winkey + R works ..??

Or try right click on the taskbar and click on Properties. Click on Start Menu tab . Click on Customize . Then click on Advances tab . Check the Start Menu options there and see if Help and Support and Run are checked or not.


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hey visha, u rock man!!! ur knowledge abt the win xp registry is phenomenal!!! i've read a few of ur tutorials and they are mind blowing man! thanx a lot!


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