1. ico

    You guys should try out Tixati for torrents.

    Perhaps the best for Windows IMO.
  2. B

    [APP][4.1+] ExtraTorrent - Download torrent 2 times faster - Help us to Test

    ExtraTorrentz allows you to find your torrent files on your Android device faster & easier than ever before! Google play store link : Extra Torrent – Android Apps on Google Pla · Light weight & simple UI · Upload and seed your torrents directly from your mobile device · No upload or...
  3. paroh

    Are you a criminal now? Users may get 3-yr in jail for viewing torrent site, blocked URL in India

    [/source]*[/source] Call it the new Digital India. The Indian government, with the help of internet service providers, and presumably under...
  4. ithehappy

    I can't download the torrents I used to download

    Since moving to a cable based broadband I can't download the same torrents I used to with BSNL without any problems. I can't mention which those are but whatever. For some torrents the download won't even start, for some it does, but the speed is less of a quarter of my bandwith! I have tried...
  5. aytus

    24/7 Torrentbox

    Hey! .. Well lately ive been in a strange kind of a dilemma. Well firstly, sorry if this is not the right section for posting such a query but it seemed the most appropriate to me. I have recently converted my BSNL BB connection to Unlimited, and download speeds are in the realms of 50KBps now...
  6. V

    is it a bug? irql not less or equal natio.sys windows 8.1

    hi all, i have been facing this since i installed windows 8.1. Prior to that everything was smooth this crashes the windows everytime i start downloading a movie in torrents (utorrent_latest) for a period inbetween (say a month) everything was smooth.Without any specific care taken. but now...
  7. stonecaper

    How is Wishnet?

    So finally I have made up my mind to get rid of bsnl and get Wishnet.Willing to get the Bronze Super Night Plan.Here are some queries that I have - 1. How is their service in general? 2.Does the peering work?what is the site whose torrents they peer? 3.Does the 1 mbps from 1-9am thing work...
  8. T

    Is tikona broadband good?

    Hello everyone,i live in Jaipur,and currently i am using MTS MBlaze with rs 798 plan,okay the speed is really good,i get 100-150kbps on torrents and 200kbps in IDM,but after 5gb it gets slow as a turtle,so i am not gonna use it anymore,after 5gb it just gives 144kbps,4kbps download speed in...
  9. Prongs298

    effect of torrents on hard disks....

    i am speaking from personal experiences, that the daily use of utorrent to download torrents has a very bad effect on hard disks. the constant reads and writes. i think there is a limit. and due to torrents that gets closer. now i have got 3 dead hdds (10 year old 40GB seagate, 7 year old 80GB...
  10. S

    Best Broadband Provider for downloading torrents?

    Hey guys I am a huge fan of torrents. I cannot live without torrents for even a single day. I have membership in some private trackers too. So I have some questions for you. Answer the questions only if you use torrents. 1)How much do you upload and download using torrent each month...
  11. S

    how to get torrents working!!!

    i am unable download via torrents. regular downloads work properly but downloading through torrents is somehow blocked ... how can i bypass that ???
  12. drsubhadip

    Any device for downloading and uploading torrents

    Dear All, I have Apple mac book pro 2012 13 inches and HP mini 3007TU. Also have many torrents, which I want to download and also upload many torrents. Using BSNL night unlimited, which is to start at 2 am and close at 8 am. now I do not want my laptops to be doing all the job. Do u...
  13. S

    Torrent download 24*7..suggestion required

    I am considering buying Raspberry Pi for torrents,should i buy it for torrents or buy a tablet/router for downloading torrents?I want to access them anywhere on the go.the budget is 3-5k maximum!!Tab/pi/router will be used 24*7 for downloading torrents as i have unlimited data plan.
  14. Y

    Proxy and SSH encryption

    Hi, I want to download a file its around 12GB. The problem is that my college server doesnt allow me to use torrents, websites like 4shared, rapidshare etc are blocked. with the help of TOR browser (proxy) i anyhow got access to rapidshare, i started downloading that file (there are 26 parts...
  15. S

    My Broadband Speed - Someone have a suggestion ?

    I have moved to panvel (mumbai) and i am using a local ISP . I am using 512Kbps plan. My problem is that ... when i browsing, watching videos on youtube and downloading stuff throught internet browser , i get almost 500-800Kbps during day time( 7am -12pm) and night time. but i dont get...
  16. N

    utorrent stops downloading

    Hi, I upgraded my system two months back with the below configuration: Processor: Pentium G630 RAM: 12 gb 1333 Mhz Motheboard: Asus P8B75-V Graphics card: ATI Radeon HD7750 I use Windows 7 and Windows XP on my system and I schedule utorrent downloads. But after the system upgrade i see...
  17. R

    2 Mobiles for around 10k

    Hi all I need 2 mobiles for around 10k INR total. I can add another 5k if the amount is not enough. 1st one is for my dad. I know I don't have to fill the "Questionnaire for Mobile phone purchase queries" as the only required feature except basic features is TORCH. The TORCH should work even...
  18. omega44-xt

    Downloading torrents..

    In my college downloading torrents seems to be blocked.Is there any way i can download torrents(using torrent downloaders like utorrent). Note: Torrent files are being downloaded but no download starts using torrent downloader
  19. V

    Looking for a WIFI Router which can download torrents independently

    Hello Friends, I am looking for a WIFI router which can download torrents while PC is off. I have gone through lots of searches and zeroed in on ASUS RT-N13U but its reports are mixed in respect to downloading independently. Some say it works while others say, the option is blocked or does not...
  20. Desmond

    Counter Strike GO is now out.

    That's it. It's finally here. Downloading as we speak.
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