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I want to know that while searching on any search engine. If I use four different tabs for four different topics of search. The results of four different topics comes in respective tabs. How and why they are not mingled up each other.
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It's because of Session and Cookies.


Each tab is referred to as each session, and that's the reason they are not mingled up with each other.

On the other hand, try to login in Gmail and once you logged in, try opening Gmail in another tab of same browser. You'll be automatically logged in.

But if you are logged in to Gmail using Chrome and you try to open Gmail in some other browser (Like Firefox, Opera, IE) you won't be logged in automatically.

So it's all due to sessions and cookies.

Though cookies doesn't have much role to play,


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Did you read * ? Read this, you'll understand.

When you open a website for first time, the webserver creates a session through which it tracks and identifies the further requests.

So on each request from each new tab it creates a new session. And whatever you request it sends a response.

Check * session


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session is same in all tabs for a login (gmail,yahoo,etc)
but for normal surfing session is not created take your example of google search engines in many tabs that is the reason results are all different
but do note that websites use cookies to read user data to get user preferences...
for ex: if u search "Titan Watch" in search engine then after some time u will see shopping adds displaying 'Titan Watches..."
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