1. Anorion

    [Preview + Feedback] December 2008

    DVD + CD Contents Fast Track CD System Optimisation> File and System Management FreeCommander 2008.06b Launchy 2.1.2 Start++ 0.8.1 Switcher 2.0.0 Total Commander 7.04a Directory Opus 9.1.1 System Optimisation> Security Avast! Home 4.8.1229 AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0.138 Avira...
  2. cluby

    Lower Power Consumption

    I have an ASUS motherboard & AMD X2 4400+ proc. I want to know how to minimize the power consumption while I am only downloading ( 2-8 ) using any tools or bios settings. I usually switch off the monitor.
  3. Raaabo

    [Preview + Feedback] November 2008

    To make up for last month, I'll go early this month... DVD + CD Contents CD Tools > Multimedia FrostWire 4.17 FLV Player 2.0.24 PowerISO 4.2 MP3 Rocket 5.1.4 JetAudio Basic 7.1 Burn4Free CD and DVD 4.6 Free Mp3 Wma Converter 1.7.3 Riva FLV Encoder 2 AtomixMP3 2.3 iDump 27...
  4. stellar

    Defragment Tools

    What's the best defragment software for Win Xp? Both paid and free ones.
  5. harryneopotter

    Help For Digit Optimized PC Contest...

    Hi guys ... As u guys already know about the Nvidia-Digit Optimized PC Contest HERE IS LINK. I am thinking about participating in the contest. Is it worth it ? Also .. i am not well aware of the various benchmarking standards. In this contest, 2 benchmarking tools wld be used to...
  6. R

    System Tools Thread

    Hey All... I just wanted to know wat different system tools do you guys use for your PC... I use the following: Ad-Aware 2008 Crap Cleaner TuneUp Utilities SpyBot Search and Destroy AVG 8.0 O&O Defrag... Are there other util's out there which are tried and tested n good??
  7. New

    Customize MSCONFIG Tools Tab Easily In Vista

    Source Wow..:DOne more cool customization today.This guide will show you how to customize "MSCONFIG" Tools menu with additional applications.All this without the help of third party applications.So, I am going to show you how to edit MSCONFIG Tools menu as follows: 1.Copy the below code in...
  8. iatb.gourav

    Sluggish PC - What Should I Do?

    Hii friends. I have a PC with the following configuration: Windows XP Professional (5.1.2600) Service Pack 2 Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.60 Ghz L2 cache: 32 KB memory: 1016 MB Recently, it has been working at a very sluggish speed and hangs very often. Often...
  9. midhu

    Softwares for unlocking the MicroSD card

    Hi All, Last month I bought a 1GB Kingstion Micro SD card for my Nokia 3110, and I have set a password to it. But now I forgot the password, so can we any tools to unlock the MicroSD card because when I tried to access the same card in a different phone its asking for password.:(...
  10. gauravsuneja

    how to install vmware tools in ubuntu as guest os in windows

    how to install vmware tools in ubuntu as guest os in windows. i think i installed it already but i doono how to enable it so that it starts when the guest os boots in the vmware workstation window * plz tell any further information u have ubuntu...
  11. C

    moddin Case cutting help??

    i want to make rectangular hole in my case to fit a board . i want to know what tools i require and how do i go about it . plz suggest me tools that are availiable easily.
  12. windchimes

    System freezes during browsing

    hi guys, My system freezes unexpectedly during browsing..Connected via broadbad to a 2GB Ram PC running XP SP2 OS and using Opera browser.. any idea why it happens...? Secondly can anyone tell me the best free tools available for internet security against any kind of intrusion..
  13. evewin89

    Strange Boot Problem?

    i was given the job 2 reinstall windows XP in my frnd p.c i enter the bios & set 1st boot option as cd rom. then after putting the bootable XP disk in the cd rom i pressed ny key 2 boot after sum times nothing happens & the setup doesn't run instead of that old xp which is installed...
  14. I

    Java tools

    What tool could be used for making webpages in Java?
  15. slugger

    Microsoft to give students free developer tools

    looks like M.S. is plannin to get people hooked on to M.S products right from the start of their coding days source not sure if India is included, but if it is not then I guess it will do so in some time
  16. pritish_kul2

    Swiss knife

    Can anyone explain me the various tools in a swiss knife?
  17. joyson

    How to Convert 320*240 themes to 176*220

    Hi i m using k550i i wanted to know How to Convert 320*240 themes to 176*220, is there any tools or software. Let me know thxks:confused:
  18. Dark Star

    LightZone : 1'st Professional Photo Editor for Linux.

    A free Linux version of the award-winning LightZone photo-editing software has been released yesterday. Light Crafts, the producing company of LightZone, announced yesterday the availability of a beta release for the photo-editing software. With the help of this version, Linux users now have...
  19. iMav

    Microsoft woos Web developers with 'Volta'

    Past projects from Microsoft's Live Labs group have been the kinds of things that might catch the attention of PC users, such as the Photosynth photo browsing program. The latest Live Labs project is aimed squarely at Web developers. It's a set of Web development tools called Volta. The company...
  20. P

    Jkdefrag any one?

    Anyone here used jkdefrag defragmentation software(freeware) * (412kb) for Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista.Basically a command line tool but GUI is available here * Let me know how good is this software when compared to other...
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