1. utkarsh007


    Hey please help I want to buy a Dremel rotary tool I live in Agra and i have searched every where but its not available in India so tell me any shop in Agra that sells Dremel tools
  2. funkysourav

    Daemon Tools Lite "Kernel Debugger" problem

    I am Having problem starting Daemon Tools Lite It is showing this error everytime i want to start it also please recommend a Free alternative Disk emulator software better than Daemon tools lite
  3. B

    Unformattable Pen drives

    Hi everyone out there. I am having problem with my pendrive as it's not getting formatted by any tools or software including DOS. I had searched on google but couldn't find any useful help for my case. The details are: Pen drive: AMKETTE SPECTRA 2GB Error msg: Windows was unable to complete...
  4. harshitjain

    php to latex to pdf ??

    I'm working on a project which will require a typesetted page to be dynamically generated and then served to the user. I would like to export all the string variables to a latex file and then convert it to pdf and show it to the user. How might I go about this? I've found various tools for...
  5. kool

    Presentation on SECURITY TOOLS...!!!

    Hi friends, i'm in 2nd year CS branch, i got a PPT presentation on SECURITY TOOLS (hardware & software). Please help me what to write in this topic..? and what is hardware security?? And how can i make my presentation attarctive..?? Please help me out guys.... SAURAV (noida)
  6. IronCruz

    Installations Problems

    I got a game from my friend...there is no setup file at all, but there is TPTB file, which is larger in size. How to install it? The file has not been assigned? Dont know from which software to open. DAEMON tools tried...Not Working... Help!!!!!
  7. Worried From Bugs

    Get FREE TuneUP Utilities 2008 Genuine Product Key

    As usual, PC Tools have declared their another promotional offer this time they are Giving TuneUp Utilities 2008 Genuine product key for FREE. What is TuneUp Utilities? TuneUp Utilities 2008 offers all the required tools you will ever need for Windows maintenance as an easy to use, single...
  8. paroh

    KDE 4.2.3 Desktop release

    * KDE Community Improves Desktop with KDE 4.2.3 KDE Community Ships Third Translation and Service Release of the 4.2 Free Desktop, Containing Numerous Bugfixes, Performance Improvements and Translation Updates May 6th, 2009. The KDE Community today...
  9. koshyjohn

    Memory Cleaner

    Source: * Tech-savvy folk are divided over whether memory cleaning tools are of any use because Windows (Vista upwards at least) manage memory quite well. I am inclined to side with those who say that memory cleaning tools are useless because many...
  10. jxcess3891

    Virus ka baap

    Recently my computer was infected with one of the most deadliest viruses. Actually it was a trojan. This virus disabled almost everything on my comp. It disabled the task manager, regedit, the anti-virus, lan, cd-rom, usb. The only thing working was the web browser and the internet connection...
  11. iinfi

    network spoofing tools

    i am trying some encryption software and tools like encrypting emails using pgp's desktop encryption and encrypting files for transferring over network etc. i want to test whether it is really encrypted while it moves over the network. do we have any tools which spoof the local network so as...
  12. D

    Windows system load % in C

    I want to create a small app that needs to read the system load %. Would prefer to write it in C, using the Borland BCC55 tools, with the Bloodshed Dev-Cpp IDE. I found a simple example using the pdh (Performance Data Helper) dll, but when I tried to compile it, I received tons of errors...
  13. S

    Transferring phonebook from Motorola V3t to Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

    Hey guys. I'm having the darndest time trying to get my Contacts from my old phone to my new phone and would appreciate any info. or help you could give me. Basically, my old phone (a Motorola V3t) is broken. The screen doesn't work any more. So I purchased a new phone (a Nokia 5310...
  14. Liverpool_fan

    Splitting a large DVD ISO file

    Hi I have a DVD ISO of Windows 7 in my laptop which doesn't have DVD writer and the ISO doesn't fit for obvious reasons in my 2GB pendrive. Can anyone recommend me tools in order to spit the ISO into smaller files and then merge them. I use Linux on both the PCs. So kindly recommend Linux...
  15. Sathish

    Apple released Safari 4 with windows integration

    Apple finally announced its Safari browser ver 4. with Windows integration and adding some developer tools. Safari 4 new features Good to try..
  16. iinfi

    Linux tools

    Do we have any free tools available for linux admins. like tool to create dns server. configure vsftpd. any such stuff which you folks mite have used. i am mainly interested in RHEL platform. thank you
  17. M

    need for Rapidshare tools

    are there good rapidshare tools..? would like to know
  18. Plasma_Snake

    PHP in Web 2

    I've installed full Expression 2 suite andd tried the first PHPinfo program fromt he last month's fast track guide but got no output in Web 2. Do I need some more tools other than Web 2?
  19. Flashbang

    Daemon tools 3.47 + Sims 2 + vista

    I have sims 2 university which was a gift from someone from china . The game requires Daemon Tools 3.47 pre-installed on the pc.The setup won't work without it. Now I want to install it on my new pc running on vista but installing Daemon tools 3.47 gives a bsod. I installed new daemon tools but...
  20. G

    Recover my whole partition

    Hey guys, this is my first post of thinkdigit forum though i am the regular reader of Digit magazine. I have a system running windows xp sp2 running well but once i mistakenly formatted a drive where i used to kept all my documents,music and all backups.and i wanted to recover so i did a google...
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