1. Sourabh

    Ultimate Boot CD and The bootmanager for bootable CDs

    The Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) You need UBCD if you want to: Run floppy-based diagnostic tools from CDROM drives. More and more PCs are shipped without floppy drives these days, and it is such a royal pain when you need to run diagnostic tools on them. Free yourself from the slow loading...
  2. D

    [List]Useful Networking Tools,Fixes & Utilities

    Below are a few fixing,repairing & utility tools which I've compiled which are essential parts of a network admins toolkit.Other users too may find this useful. Feel free to suggest such tools & utilities & I'll add them to my post. 1.LSP-Fix: is a free utility to repair a specific type of...
  3. N

    Macromedia Flash On Nokia Mobiles

    Nokia is to install a version of Macromedia Flash in its Series 60 mobile platform. The licencing agreement between the two companies will also stretch to other Nokia devices. Tools will be made available to allow developers to produce cell phone flash content with ease.
  4. N


    hi friends how can we send a running program to background processing ?(just like a service).. with out showing icon in taskbar?.. for that need any programming stuff?. or any tools are available. with regards.
  5. P

    Wat tools do u use to secure ur PC?

    Security! Many tools are available to protect ur PC from threat Some commercial tools may fail to deliver wat it should Some r free and very good Yes there are bench marks! But not single tool can protect. Some combination will do good. I m sure that DIGIT forum members r good in...
  6. C

    Any ISO tools in linux?

    Are there any iso tools like ISObuster, UltraISO, etc in linux, where can i find them??
  7. T

    can u help me?

    Often I find wonderful designs in java in Internet. I want 2 save them for my later use. But I Can't save them. Please suggest a way for saving those programs or suggest me tools for downloading them.
  8. L

    Image Enlarger

    Is there any software available to enlarge digital images with no or minor quality loss. I have one named Imagener but few pixels appears in the resized picture.But its good than other graphics tools. Please give suggestions or please tell the reason,why is it not possible to enlarge...
  9. harmax


    am a big zero in webhosting and need to start from scratch please suggest me all the best,simple opensource tools required to host a webpage like thanks in advance
  10. H

    need a tvcapturing tool...

    hi people...i use a Tv Tuner card to see vt on my pc , the company is AverTV. In the bundled CD along with the card, there was a software named WinDVR..i used it to capture video but when i finished capturing, 2 problems came. 1.The video which i recorded didnt have any audio and 2.only some...
  11. G

    Great System Software!!

    Hey friends, have u guys tried System Mechanic 5 Pro...its cool system maintainence tools..try it and give me ur opinion related to it .. :lol:
  12. A

    Any free tools for creating CBTs and WBTs

    Hi, We have just got a new project. We wish to create a CBT Computer training and later move to a WBT (Web based Training). Are there any free tools which can be downloaded. Thanks, Arun
  13. shaunak

    windows media player 10

    looks new more tools post ur coments
  14. Yoda

    BIOS Password. Please Help me out.

    Hi When I start the Machine I pressed "F2" to enter the BIOS. But I forgot the password of the BIOS and I couldn't change any settings in it. But I could see the information in the BIOS but unable to change any settings in the BIOS. I want to RESET or REMOVE the password of the BIOS...
  15. adithyagenius

    MP3 cutter. Suggestion anyone?

    I have an album in one mp3 file. I want to cut it into songs and separate them without losing quality. Which tools should i use?
  16. S


    Ya post in your best video converter tools! 8) Lets C if your choice can make a diff ? :twisted: The tools can be for Professional & Novice users.. Lets see who wins!! :wink: :twisted: Please inc the download link or atleast the source. I use Ulead Media 7 's> Video convertor...
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