1. axes2t2

    The Pencil tool.

    The MS Paint Pencil tool. Show off your ms paint pencil tool masterpiece.
  2. A

    Data monitoring tool ?

    I need a tool/software to monitor my data usage. Something more than a web browser plugin, that can give me my daily/monthly usage of my internet usage including net surfing, downloads, windows updates, etc, in short, all of my net usage.. Pls hlep. Kindly suggest me some free tool. Thanks...
  3. V

    Some CD's can't be read by the CD-ROM

    I had bought some dvd's of digit at the i bought them, they could be opened and read, but now if i m trying to insert it and open it then @ dvd's from it can not be read I also used a tool provided by microsoft to detect the problems, so i got the answer that the DVD is ureadable What to do...
  4. clmlbx

    guys what tool set do you use?

    I never had proper complete tool set . I was thinking of buying one. then the ultimate question was which one and from where.. then I had a thought we have a very good percentage of guys in this forum and this topic was never discussed I believe. I know most of here are tech guys but we all must...
  5. B

    Need help choosing the Right BI Tool

    We are in process of deciding to implement a suitable BI tool for analytics and reporting purposes. I have the following questions in this regard: 1. What are the factors we should consider while choosing the right tool as it seems that every tool is unique? 2. Possible contenders include...
  6. R

    Cisco Vulnerability

    Hi, While assesing vulnerabilities I came accross a problem. A vulnerability name "(2588513) TLS-SSL Server Blockwise Chosen-Boundary Browser Weakness, (CVE-2011-3389)" was given by the tool. Though this vulnerability is related to the certificate of the web browser, the CISCO device here is...
  7. slashragnarok

    UPS beeping problem

    I have a Frontech 600 VA UPS. Since installing my HD 7870 it's been giving me problems. Sometimes (not always) when I'm in the middle of a game or benchmarking tool, it lets out a continuous beep. My PSU is Corsair TX850 V2. Any idea what's going on?
  8. Desmond

    HijackThis goes open source

  9. A

    yml to xml parsing

    we got a project in office and now the data is in yaml and we need to convert it to xml for our project. Am not sure if it can be done by some parsing tool. Please guide on this
  10. socrates

    Net monitoring tool now ships with IPv6

    Net monitoring tool now ships with IPv6 - Computerworld
  11. meetdilip

    Better Windows 7 search

    hi, the Windows 7 search is very unattractive and almost no options to customize. Any ways to get a search tool which gives at least features of XP search ? Thanks.
  12. buddyram

    Web2Project Tool!

    Hi PHP guys, Has anyone been exposed to Web2Project tool so far. I need the guidance in using it.
  13. aroraanant

    mobile phone photo compare tool

    here goes the the mobile phone photo compare tool... You can compare the quality of the camera of different mobiles and compare with others... I think it will be useful for many... Clink here for the link have fun guys
  14. sachin_kothari

    Adobe Releases Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tool

  15. S

    Mogration from MS Access to Powerbuilder

    Hi there, I am doing some analysis on a project which requires migration from MS access to Power builder. Does anyone have any idea if there is any tool for this?
  16. vickybat

    Flash movie creator

    Hi guys Need a good flash tool to create movie slideshows. The slideshows will have basic gif moving images of say characters. There shouldn't be any coding involved and it should be simple and easy to use. The end product will be used as a tutorial video to explain a particular...
  17. P

    Free AV converter tool

    Which free AV converter tool is suitable for my 640 X360 res mobile display ?Thanks.
  18. J

    vb software lock

    i want to make lock for my developed software for online exam i use fronthand tool vb and backhand tool msaccess. if any one have any trick to create lock for it please inform me. thanks in advance for it
  19. T

    how to uninstall my web search tool

    Hi, How to uninstall my web search tool from browsers.Can anyone explain me the steps in detail.
  20. T

    QTP automation tool

    Hi, Is there any trail version available for QTP.
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