guys what tool set do you use?


I never had proper complete tool set . I was thinking of buying one. then the ultimate question was which one and from where.. then I had a thought we have a very good percentage of guys in this forum and this topic was never discussed I believe. I know most of here are tech guys but we all must have some tools at our disposal.

So what tool sets do you use? what type of tools do you use and which brand.

complete tools sets like screwdriver for all type of screws, pliers hammer, drill.


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lol, i bought one screwdriver set from footpath 8-9 years back. It was those 30 head screddriver sans driller.


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Using one of those chinese 24 in one kinda toolkit that my dad received as a gift from a magazine..been 5 years or so and all working well !! :-D
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