1. rajat22

    KGB Archiver, god!!!

    KGB Archiver Size before compression: 450.157 Mb Size after compression: 1.47 Mb Sounds impossible but true...a posting a 1.47 MB flie for a 450.157 Mb file!!!!!!! :shock: :shock: Look here KGB Archiver is the...
  2. I

    patching tcpip.sys for faster torrents

    hi they say patching ur tcpip.sys can result in a huge increase in torrent speeds..if u change the number of connections windows allows or something from 10 to anything upto 100...but more than 100 will be harmful thats what ppl r saying on other sites n all the tool for this patch is...
  3. yrana2002

    Firefox Backup

    There have been a lot of posts regarding FirefoxBackup. many giving their personal solutions, some doubtful, some not working. I have lost my extensions & themes n number of times now, even after backing them up. :shock: However, now God has listened to my prayers (or the developers...
  4. k_mridul

    How to get information from .DAT (Video) Files

    recently i tried VideoInspector v1.7, it is a good tool to get information like codec, bitrate, frame size etc., but it dosen't support DAT (Video) files so i was wondering, if anyone here knows any tool to get such informations from a DAT (Video) files ~
  5. dinesh_mettur


    I want good antivirus application and antispyware and adware blocking tool Money is not an issue pls suggest me a good tool .I'm having registered version of "NORTAN INTERNET SECURITY 2006" ,but it slows the performance of the system and it takes long time to start..... so please suggest me...
  6. A

    Connection Monitering

    Is there any tool available that will let me monitor the source and destination of all Inbound and outbound traffic from my system ? And also how much of the bandwidth each programme accesing the internet is using? For example. suppose i am using Yahoo there any tool that will...
  7. Manojap

    The Read "X" Symbol-You computer is Infected..icon In my XP'

    While I am connected .....I got a guest which seem to be stick in my xp's system tray which show the tool tip "ue system is infected', how can I remove that a virus ?any body can help..eme ..I haave Antivir in my system...
  8. hpotter606

    How to convert Xvid to VCD ?

    Hi friends I have got a video in Xvid format. I want convert it into mpeg or directly write on vcd(which is easier?). Which is the best tool for that? I searched google but did not find any good one. Will the quality of video decreased due to convertion?
  9. vignesh

    Free Backup tool

    Is there any backup software like Nortan Ghost ?
  10. ramprasad

    Single tool to find max Sys Props

    Hi, Can u please tell me which tool can be used to get the maximum System props...? Regards, Ramprasad
  11. himtuna

    macro flash and dreamweaver

    are there any good alternatives to macromedia falsh 5 or...8( any version) and Dreamweaver or good website building tool
  12. S

    Video Editing Tool [new query]

    I need a good video editing tool similar to Windows Movie Maker to edit my movies from handycam. i tried windows movie maker but the output loses some frames during playback.
  13. S

    Turn A Celeb Into A Stone

    Todau <edited> will teach you how to convert a pic into a statue. Abusive Language - Edited This is the way I do things. The amazing thing about Photoshop is that there are many different ways to achieve the same results. Let's get started into 1) Fire Photoshop...
  14. goobimama

    Photoshop:: Image Effects: iPod Ad Style!

    The iPod-Style Step 1: I started off with a picture of my idiot brother, Samir. Don’t think he even knows what an iPod is. Step 2: Use any of your selection techniques to select the image. Does not have to be a perfect selection since its gonna be like a silhouette. I used the Magnetic...
  15. esumitkumar

    Best video editor ?

    Hi I have canon MV850i gives .avi movies . I want to know which is the best free video editing tool so that I can add effects in clips plus add songs in background........... TIA Sumit
  16. Kniwor

    ICS951412 clock generator

    Cannot find a tool with it.. ok, so i was trying to overclock my pc, clockgen is the only tool I've found supporting this clock generator, any help here? any overclocking tool with this clock generator, in short, any overclocking utility for MS-7093.
  17. godsownman

    Floppy Repairer

    A few months somebody had given me a FREE tool from this forum which performed the task of repairing floppies. I have searched the forum. Somebody had uploaded it to rapidshare. I remember that it was made by some person called Nikhil and he had named his company Niksoft. Please somebody...
  18. E

    Recover XP Password (Not reset)

    I want to recover the password of a XP Pro (without any SP). I know there are password resetting tools such as ERD commander, Locksmith. But I wish to recover it not reset it. Is there any good tool available for the same. Thanx for your kind help.
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