vb software lock

i want to make lock for my developed software for online exam

i use fronthand tool vb and backhand tool msaccess.

if any one have any trick to create lock for it please inform me.

thanks in advance for it
what do u mean by lock ??

serial key like ms office or like password lock??

for serial key u have to think of some licencing. generally hash code of emails r the direct way or u can find ur own method

customize the installer if it is form based application

P.S. its not "fronthand" it is front-end & back-end


Broken In
nice u meet u
thanks frd i correct my front-end and back-end meaning.
but i have no knowledge for hash code generator.
i want to make hdd lock.
i want to get hdd serial no. through vb command or mbd serial no. through vb command.
can you help me. in this searching of command.

thanking in advance.

please send me.


Right off the assembly line
In the excel macro, create a sub module called Auto_open. Example

Sub Auto_open
' put your excel visual basic here

End sub

Whenever one start an xls in Excel, it will find for this Auto-open and execute it automatically.
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