1. J

    recovery tool??

    Great to see so many professionals here, i am searching around to solve my problem of seeking a great data recovery software or tool used for my PC data use, not sure which i should choose? Can any of you suggest one?
  2. T

    opensource tool

    Hi, Which opensource tool will be use to test web application
  3. T

    multivariate tool

    hi, can anyone explain me about multivariate tool
  4. T

    automation tool

    Which automation tool will be best for testing web application
  5. T

    Mantis Bug tracker

    Hi, I want Free version of mantis bugtracking tool if anyone have please reply to me.
  6. nithinks

    Broadband download monitor – easy tool to monitor download

    Source : Many of us use broadband schemes provided by ISP s, with the download limit. Many people are confused with the term “download” thinking that the term refers to the file downloads you do...
  7. H

    Free winrar recovery tool

    suggest Free winrar recovery tool ?
  8. Charley

    Archived records for a domain name

    I want to get archived records for a domain name. Can this done by programming a tool ?
  9. D

    Show off your Scribbler Works!

    hey guys....take a look at this- AWESOME TOOL here's what i created-
  10. bhushan2k

    How to set up Firmware Password Protection for Mac OS X

    If you think that your data might not be secured from others and if you just want to make it secure then Apple has neat trick for you in their store. Apple has a tool through which you can make sure that your data is safe in a place and can be accessed by you only. You can use this tool to...
  11. NewsBytes

    Nokia to bring ‘Point & Find’ augmented reality tool to India in 2011

      At a press meet in Nokia’s worldwide headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, the company has announced that it plans to start rolling out its augmented reality tool for mobile phones next year. The US and Europe will be the first to get the new tool, called ‘Point & Find’ in...
  12. NucleusKore

    My "Diskless" experience

    Hi everybody After a difficult time with my PC for the past few weeks, I narrowed down the problem to a failing hard disk. This experience taught me that while SMART may say everything is OK, you can still have bad sectors on your hard disk, as diagnosed by the manufacturer's (WD) tool...
  13. raksrules

    External HDD checking tool ??

    I need to run a check (all possible) on my external HDDs. Please recommend a good (preferably freeware) tool which i can use to run tests on my HDDs. Specifically i want to check the HDD for bad sectors and anything abnormal so as to ensure protection of my data before things get out of hand.
  14. A

    Using Pen Drive As RAM in Windows XP

    You all know about using USB flash drive as RAM on Windows Vista. {If you don't go here} What if the same feature available on Windows XP? That would be a great alternative for most of the xp users who stick on to their old systems and running new softwares is not possible as they are equipped...
  15. Ethan_Hunt

    Street Fighter IV Benchmarking Tool [PC]

    Yes folks. The benckmarking tool for PC is out now. It's a 396MB download. I'm downloading it right now, will report back with results. From what I gathered over the internet, it's extremely optimised (like there was any doubt). Now if we could only get an early demo. :smile: Quote from a...
  16. rajwansh2003


    BSNL EVDO Programming And Installation ( Speed Up Evdo , Maximum Speed Of Bsnl Evdo Bsnl Evdo Software Update ,Bsnl Bsnl Evdo Optimization Tool ) go to link
  17. R

    Colorize your hair using Photoshop

    In this tutorial you will learn how to colorize or change hair color using Adobe Photoshop. To do that follows some steps. Open the image of which you want to colorize hair then click on the channels tab on the layers palette. And duplicate the blue channel by right clicking and choosing...
  18. S

    PSU Wattage Calculator

    Hi guys, Just found out a great online tool to find out the PSU wattage required with all the system components. This is truly a great and handy tool..full credits to the developer If the above link dosen't work, Goto...
  19. A

    Open Source Snipping Tool or ScreenCapture tool

    People using Windows Vista Home Premium,Bussiness or Ultimate must be familiar with the Snipping Tool ( a screen capture utility ) that comes preinstalled with these editions. I am looking for a similar screen capture tool for Windows XP and Vista Basic but it should be a freeware or open...
  20. F

    Best Defragmentation Tool Ever

    Hi All, I wanna know which is best defragmentation Tool. and why 1) Vista Built in Defrag Utility 2) O&O Defrag 3) jk defrag 4) Piriform Defraggler 5) Tune Up Utilities 2009 6) system mechanic
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