1. T

    Nokia Provides Free Tool For S60 SMS Bug

    We’ve been following up on the SMS Bug –the Curse of Silence that recently invaded Series 60 handsets. Just to recap, the bug, if sent by an attacker, will render messaging from the Nokia device useless. Initially, one of the quickest ways to eradicate the nasty little virus was with a hard...
  2. L

    Blogspot Template Generator

    Check out my tool for generating templates for blogspot.... Features of the blogger template generator v2... 1. It is an online tool based predominantly on Javascript, and you don't need to download or install any software (except a Flash Plugin, required for saving your design and using...
  3. D

    !??how to Design a forum.

    hello everyone i am having a website already and want to design a forum for the intraction with my cutomers.... same as this one.... please can some one help me in how to design this type of forum.... or is there any free tool or website that will help me do that. ?
  4. Plasma_Snake

    UML Tool?

    In my 3rd Sem. of GNIIT, I'm having UML and there they are using Office 2007's Visio as UML tool for that case diagrams drawings and stuff. I've Open Office 3.0 in my system, does it have this feature or is there any other open source alternative available for it?
  5. M

    Crowdsourcing 1 Image to 10000 Artists for 100 Dollars

    Crowdsourcing 1 Image to 10000 Artists for 100 Dollars Ten Thousand Cents is a digital artwork that creates a representation of a $100 bill. Using a custom drawing tool, thousands of individuals working in isolation from one another painted a tiny part of the bill without knowledge of the...
  6. Gauravs90

    pls provid me free data recovery tool

    friends i accendentally quick formated my 80gb hardrive it is on ntfs. pls give me a free data recovery tool so that i can recover some files THX
  7. B

    How Much...

    I use Airtel+N73 internet but i can very low speed like 40.0 kb/s. Actually an icon in the tray tells its 460.8 Kbps. Please suggest me a free tool that REALLY tests my internet speed.:) If you have the same connection what speed do you get?:(
  8. R

    Security Threat! Important!

    I had left my PC without any Antivirus since some weeks... misunderstanding the threat when I was not connected to the web last month. When it started showing up some bugs and errors... I thought it was time to search for Viruses and malware... I downloaded Microsoft's Malware Removal tool ...
  9. Sridhar_Rao

    Avira antirootkit tool installs a rootkit??

    I download the avira antirootkit tool ( when I installed the same, Avast antivirus detected a rootkit being installed in system32 folder. Whether this is a false alarm or a real rootkit, I am not sure. I uninstalled the avira antirootkit...
  10. Sathish

    Plz response.. for good Defragmenting utility

    Since I have frequently installing and uninstalling various software / utilities / games on my 80GB HDD, my hard disk got slow down due to heavy fragmented files. i am not satisfied with windows Defragmenting tool / Perfect Disk 2008 / Defraggler. And I am also confusing to find such a...
  11. Vivek788

    mp4 to avi

    I want to do mp4->avi in linux..I use ubuntu...please suggest an easy tool allow me to do tat..i couldn't figure out how to use avidemux.
  12. hrushij

    PEN DRIVE shows "Insert Disk!"

    Frineds... I am having problem with my Two Pendirves! ( 4GB & 2 GB) When I insert it to any computer, It shows me the detected icon in my computer... when I double click on it.. It shows "Insert Disk" Storage media is absent if I see in DISK MANAGEMENT tool.. Is it virus problem?? or really my...
  13. Krazzy Warrior

    Change the logon background colour

    Change the logon background colour 1.Use a registry editing tool to navigate to the following tool: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Colors\Background 2. Change the following value: Data Type: REG_SZ Value Name: Background Value: Decimal RGB value for the colour you wish to set...
  14. K

    Problem in installing Win-updates

    Recently, I've purchased a HP laptop for my office use. But whenever I try to download and instal the security updates from the MS site, it asks for validation tool for windows, and I had to abort the idea of updating. On cancellation of such installation attempt, I see that the updates have...
  15. G

    Google Unveils iPhone 'Killer'

    Source:,2933,361275,00.html ---- Hmm... i Think Google phone gonna rule the mobile internet....
  16. Zangetsu

    How shud I Format HDD

    My friend has a seagate HD....which has certain bad sectors...but he can boot the OS but cant delete anything whenever he do so..they appear after reboot:mad: which is he wants to format the whole HDD (which he cant using bootable CD method or format any drive within OS :() will...
  17. P

    Help Files

    Can I create .chm files (Compiled HTML Files) using notepad or ms-word without using any tool to create it? tell me the method....
  18. Renny

    SE w200i query.

    Hi, My friend just bought a Sony Ericsson w200i, He wants a tool to lock his messages(inbox etc) with a password and a tool to lock his phone with a password.
  19. D

    hp tool to access and change secret setting

    hi i am sharing hp tool to change secret laptop's bios setting which include changing laptop serial number adding vista support etc :) run it from bootable dos cd
  20. blackpearl

    Animate your drawings with DrawSwf

    Animate your drawings with DrawSwf DrawSwf is a cross-platform Java-based drawing program that saves your drawings as flash animation. DrawSwf records the progress of your drawing as you work, and renders your drawing as an animation. The result is an amusing little animation of your...
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