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I want good antivirus application and antispyware and adware blocking tool
Money is not an issue pls suggest me a good tool .I'm having registered version of "NORTAN INTERNET SECURITY 2006" ,but it slows the performance
of the system and it takes long time to start.....
so please suggest me any good antivirus other than Nortan Products

Money is not an issue I will pay!!!!!!!!!!

My Sys Config as follows

P4 2.60 ghz,256 Mb Ram ,845 Chipset Mdb, Running Windows Media Center Edition..................


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I have used only norton and kaspersky. Norton sucked my system resources like anything. Someone earlier on the same forum said norton 2006 has been developed so that it takes less system resources, but cant trust it once bertrayed. I started using norton symantec corporate version which is least on resources, but again coudlnt defend all the viruses. There came kaspersky personal PRO and never let me down in use of over 1.5 years :) you can check the site http://www.kaspersky.com/personalpro for more details. Diff people may have different opinions, I presented mine. Truly, kaspersky never let me down and its very low on resources. Regarding antispyware, Lavasoft has two products ad-aware personal and ad-aware professional. Professional is a paid version but i HAVNT seen any diff between the two except the ad-watch feature in professional version which is included in Microsoft antispyware beta. So u can happily opt for Microsoft antispyware beta.



M$ antispyware:



Search buddy, you will get loads of threads on this topic...

Anyways, I would suggest Kaspersky for antivirus, Zone Aalrm for Firewall and Spybots or Spysweeper for Spyware.


My PC defence matches go4saket's, zonealarm firewall,kaspersky antivirus,webroot spysweeper on startup + lavasoft adaware for manual searching sometimes!
Used norton 2005 for over 1 yr now and plunged down the performance! Whenever it got updated some more apps on startup were added....
Avast antivirus is also good
Been 2 months now running avast and kaspersky on my PCs and working fine and stable!


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I prefer



Zonealarm or XP inbuilt (It works for me great)

Webroot Spy Sweeper or
Spybot Search and Destroy with Ad-Aware Comination


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money is not the issue, ehh...! :twisted:

i suggest

antivirus : avast or avast
anti-spy : ms anti-spy AND adaware
firewall : zonealarm.

wont cost u much....all freeware ! :lol:

if u want to make your winxp more safer, try this
(i had posted this earlier, but cudnt find the link)

make your WinXP still safer ! plug these holes !

most of us know about the usuals :
installing SP2. install all updates from autopatcher or the microsoft site;
turn on winxp firewall and pop-up blocker;
install a good antivirus like avast or avg;
install 2 good anti-spywares like ms anti-spy and adaware;
replacing ur hosts file, with a 'good' hosts file,
adding ie-spyads to ur restricted zone, etc...

here are some additional holes which you can plug up, to boost your
security & privacy, and reduce threats. use these preventive measures:

disable windows potentially annoying, built-in spam receiving
Messenger Services (not to be mixed up with msn msngr)

disable 'Universal Plug-n-Play", windows potentially exploitable
networking capability, which can expose your computer to internet

disable the very powerful DCOM system, allows pieces of your computer
to be remotely activated across the Internet. (does not affext sp2 users)
it is always enabled in Windows systems by default. use the GRC DCOMbobulator.

freeware utilities assissting the above, and more, can be downloaded
from http://grc.com/freepopular.htm

u may like to disable several other of the other of these services:

MediaPlayer automatic updates, player identification. sending usage/
error reports to microsoft,
disabling ie6 authentication,
disabling officexp error reports,
disabling certain services,
disabling msn messenger,
disabling remote desktop/registry support
etc, etc.

all these and some more very interesting preventive measures & options
are availble in these excellent utilities

XP-AntiSpy v 3.94
click http://xp-antispy.org/component/option,com_remository/Itemid,26/

SafeXP v
click http://www.theorica.net/safexp.htm

Xpy 0.8.12
click http://nsis.whyeye.org/

apart from above-mentioned 3-4 utilities, i strongly recommend :)
'The Computer Security Tool


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I use ZA security suite , MS antispyware , AVG and Avast antivirus .
Things work fine for me.
I have not encountered any problems for quite a long time now ( six months).
Touch Wood.

stay away from avg n norton.

i have avast becoz it is fast n gre8.

spyware doc. n spybot search n destroy

i don't use zone alarm becoz it disturbs me with alerts.

windows in built firewall works well.

nach p

NOD 32 Antivirus will not give any system problem ,requires low disk space than Norton and also much better virus detection.

Windows Firewall Sux ,Try Sygate Firewall.


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try Antivirus Quick Heal. It is certainly lighter than Norton and scans and removes viruses, trojans, spyware and adware. if i am not mistaken, it offers antispam facility also. i tried the trial and it removed quite a few.


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You can try PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005/2006. I use 2005 version and it has never let a single virus in. Updates of pattern files are given everyday and updating takes just 2-3 minutes on dial up connection.

You can use Ad-Aware or Microsoft Defender as free anti-spyware but if money is not a problem you can buy Webroot Spy Sweeper. It finds spywares which most other anti-spware cannot find. scanning is fast.
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