1. Thor

    Is there a AntiPhishing toolbar / Utility for Opera ?

    As the sub says, FireFox and IE has netcraft antiphising toolbar for them. WHat about Opera ? Doe it hv any plugin / tool to prevent Phising ? Pls let me know as I luv using Opera!
  2. S

    w32.jeefo Antivirus removal program / tool

    My computer is severely affected with W32.JEEFO virus. Anyone, please help me by suggesting an Antivirus to remove that or Antivirus tool to remove that virus. Please suggest me quickly. Thanks in advance.
  3. iinfi

    wat is quantum tool

    there are some companies which use a tool called quantum tool to do the back-end programming of market research. it is a tool used to code the back-end of online forms which are used in market research n survey. any one has any idea abt it?? P.S. some days back i posted a thread saying...
  4. T

    downloading ............

    whenever i connect to net, my downloading speed drops and even if i don't use it . my comp keeps on downloading something. can u tell me how to know what si it downloading... i have checked using spybot there is no spyware and have also checked for virus also using avg.... os: win xpsp2 can...
  5. I

    Photoshop - How do we select multiple lines in a Text box?

    Hi Team, I am workin in Photoshop CS2. I have a query regarding the Text tool. Say, I have made a paragraph given below(excluding the nos) using Text tool: East or West --------1 India --------2 is the --------3 Best! --------4 Now, supposing I ve to...
  6. PinKLip

    Free Rapidshare Premium Account Notifier

    while surfing i came to this page Now, Is this tool useful ? Please give your feedback. Regards pinKLip
  7. vasulic

    Google Toolbar In Opera 9

    Is there any way to have google tool bar in opera? (just like in IE)
  8. anandk

    Microsoft Plans "Office Genuine Advantage" Tool

    after wga, now Microsoft Plans "Office Genuine Advantage" Tool
  9. Akshay

    Zip SMS & Save money...

    SMS Zipper (Compress 3 into one and save money) SmsZipper is a tool to compress SMS text messages, patented by Aalborg University (patents pending). The tool enables you to compress text messages by factors two to three depending on the content (higher compression ratios are possible, but not...
  10. JGuru

    Unleash the Power of Ubuntu 6.06!!

    Unleash the Power of Ubuntu 6.06 - The Ultimate Package Reference!! Unleash the Power of Ubuntu (6.06)!!! There are plethora of packages available in Ubuntu 6.06. I have picked some good ones to make it easier for the new users, Users of Linux (other distros).I have also mentioned...
  11. samrulez

    Help with MOD................

    Ok...I want to mod my cabinet.I want to cut the side panel.Can u tell me how do i cut it?Which tool to use?Will the final finish be good?Should I do it?
  12. go4saket

    Which is the best Encryption software???

    Hi Guys! Which is the best encryption software available, doesn't matter even if its a pay software. Say for example that I encrypt some of my confidential software and assign a password to it. Is it possible to break that password and decrypt my files with some kind of a password...
  13. M

    Daemon tool is adware.....?

    hi ewido antimalware detecting daemon tool as adware..... is it safe to use still or any alternative to this one.......
  14. M

    Demon tool it of concern ?

    hi i have 700 mb iso file.......after reading lot on google about iso i decided to install daemon tool.....while installation i got this massage...... This programm will install scsi pass through direct SPTD layer on my computer...
  15. kichu_overclocked

    help!!!!! RAID !!!!!

    hello everyone, i was trying to set up raid 0 in my comp....but smhow things got screwed says that some file is c0rrupt in the floppy in which i hav the raid drivers.....i m using nvdia raid setup tool which comes with my asus a8n-sli mb, n i created the driver disk using...
  16. R

    Best overclocking tool

    hey techies.....can u recommend me the bst overclocking tool present????? its good that ppl dont mess up their pc with some bad overclocking tool n use a bettesr software . help us guyz
  17. soham

    Photoshop- Expand Biceps

    Check this cool tutorial out: We are going to play around with a photo of a girl with a skinny arm, to basically double her arm width to give her a bulging bicep. The end result will be her arm looking a bit "manly". Start by opening an image of girl preferably with a folding arm. From...
  18. go4saket

    Which is the best Windows Enhancing tool???

    Hello Friends! Which according to you is the best Windows Enhancing Tool??? Consider features, ease in usage and system resources while deciding... Thank you.
  19. gauravakaasid

    increasing speaker vol....

    is there ne tool with which i can increase the max. vol of the speaker
  20. P

    Infected by Blackmal & virus removal tool failed to detect

    I thought my system was immune to blackmal for quite sometime till hours ago, when I suprised to find a mail being send BY ME to one of the Yahoo groups in which I am a member. And it showed clealry that it was the infamous blackmal virus, and I downloaded the virus removal tool from the...
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