patching tcpip.sys for faster torrents

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they say patching ur tcpip.sys can result in a huge increase in torrent speeds..if u change the number of connections windows allows or something from 10 to anything upto 100...but more than 100 will be harmful

thats what ppl r saying on other sites n all

the tool for this patch is here - *

but dz ne1 kno if this is safe for the pc? and will it actually work?



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Well, there has been a lot of discussion, but truly, this patch only claims to work, but actually doesnt make much of a difference.

It can only help you increase your torrent speeds as soon as you start it, because you have more open connections to which seeds can connect to.
If you look into the status of the torrent, you will see a "Waiting" value.
This can be decreased using the patch. However, after about 10min or so, it wont make any difference.

But one thing is for sure, it will considerably decrease your browsing speeds and to some limit decrease your downloading speeds as well because a large bandwidth will be consumed in just keeping these tcp connections open.

Even I tried it, after applying the patch, Windows does give a warning. But after that, my computer never shut down quickly, so i decided to revert to original value of 10.

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