1. gofeddy

    is system mechanic 7 pro really good?

    is system mechanic 7 professional worth a buy. i tried the trial version on my old 1999 model computer. it was not so very useful. have anyone brought the full version? is there any other system utility(maintainence) tool that is better?
  2. Kiran.dks

    REVIEW: SIW System tool <A good tool you ever need>

    REVIEW OF SIW, A COMPLETE SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS TOOL PREVIEW I was looking for a good complete system diagnosis tool from past many days. Then I came across this awesome tool. SIW is a 100% portable complete system diagnosis tool. Imagine a scenario in which you have ordered a PC and not sure...
  3. vipinkumarsolanki

    resourse hacker

    hi frnds! can anyone tell me what is the best resourse hacker software or tool? how can i find it?
  4. R

    Free instead of USD 39.99: Ashampoo Photo Commander 4

    Source: Email Ashampoo Photo Commander 4 is the control center for all your media files - photos, videos and audio. In addition to managing, viewing and listening to all these files it can also perform all the most common editing tasks, so that nearly all the time you can do everything you want...
  5. Samystic

    How To Change Start Button Text!

    Use this lovely sofware from - Custom Start 1.2 Custom Start is a tool that allows you change start button text.:p DOWNLOAD!
  6. phreak0ut

    Close application with script or tool?

    I wish to close my running applications with a script or a tool. Could anyone of you tell me if this is possible. I want to do this to close my downloading P2P app just before the free download slot is over. I tried DShutdown, but it seems to reset itself and not remember any of my previous...
  7. R

    microsoft tool for mounting iso <FREE>

    Here is a small tool from microsoft whic is only 60kb
  8. dinesh_mettur

    How To Find Isp Speed???

    am using airtel mobile office for surfing the net, pls suggest me a tool for finding the current isp spped????
  9. subratabera

    Fedora Frog - FC's Answer to Automatix

    One reason that Fedora Core can be a bit difficult to new users is the number of things that must be set up after installation. There's Java, Flash, getting 3D running right, mp3's and a host of other items that you might want. Sure, you can read through the 'how-to's' and configure things...
  10. M

    Source Code For KGB ARCHIVER

    Hey could any body tell me where can i dwnld the source for KGB archiver. I have a college project & was thinking of making a compression tool , although with a different algo. Any help is welcomed. Thanks .
  11. sabret00the

    Symantec Norton Removal Tool

    Symantec has an online tool that in most cases will remove all Norton Products from a computer when the Uninstall does not work normally. The Norton Removal Tool uninstalls all Norton 2006/2005/2004/2003 products from your computer. It can be accessed at: Using the Norton Removal...
  12. JGuru

    Editing the xorg.conf file using Xorg-Edit tool!!

    Many users other than Linux experts find themselves in a quandary as far as editing the xorg.conf file is concerned. The German forum have developed a GUI tool for Ubuntu called Xorg-Edit to configure the xorg.conf file. Read more about it here Download Xorg-Edit from here
  13. T

    RAM health

    Even though i have 512MB RAM (2 * 256), on system information the available memory shows as 220MB this normal or one of the modules has conked off? is there any tool available to address this?
  14. gauravakaasid

    BEst Video Conversion Tool???

    sa the title itself says, can u suggest for a noob the best tool for converting, encoding, extracting portions of d video, splitting n joining video files?
  15. PainKiller

    how to use cache viewer

    hi, i just installed cache viewer for FF. ( but i cant figure out how to use this tool. help me out. thanx u
  16. eddie

    Google spreads its legs in open source OCR field.

    Anyone who has ever tried his hand on any open source OCR application would know how pathetic and painful they are. There are simply not upto the mark. Thankfully Google is attempting to revive, a old HP's OCR application named, Tesseract and has released it as open source on sourceforge...
  17. gauravakaasid

    MS Hidden Grafix Tool...

    if this is a repost....request the mods to do the needfull did u know that MS has a hidden grafix editor tool in Win XP n Win2k?? herez how u can access it---> goto Run > type in "eudcedit" w/o the quotes n voila! source:
  18. K

    web designing tool??????????

    hi friends is there any tool which enables 1 to make a website just drag & dropping images,editing text and flashes?????????
  19. anandk

    Freeware Tool For Hiding/Encypting Files/Folders.

    hi ! came across AxCrypt, a free open source program; its a nice simple tool to properly protect your hidden folder and to encrypt it. AxCrypt is also near-unbreakable, so make sure you don't forget your password. If you do, your data is lost forever.
  20. anandk

    Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

    A Windows Vista Capable PC includes at least: - A modern processor (at least 800MHz1). - 512 MB of system memory. - A graphics processor that is DirectX 9 capable. But want a Tool to see if your Windows XP-based PC can run Windows Vista? Just download, install, and run the Windows Vista...
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