1. karthikn_jay

    Which broadband is best in Chennai?

    I recently relocated to Chennai. I've decided to go for either Airtel or Tikona. I know a few threads here at digit forum talks about the bad experiences with tikona but few of my colleagues here in chennai say they have no issues so far. So, I'm here a bit confused now, would like to hear any...
  2. M

    Respected Friends, to buy a Router for Tikona with some special specifications

    Respected Friends, Thanks in advance... I'm a tikona user, they have changed my plan without my intimation. I'm not able to login from more than one device now. my last plan enabled me to login from two devices. Now, my query is... I want to purchase a wifi router (i sort-out D-link's three...
  3. T

    TIKONA Broadband - total waste of Money, time and energy

    This is regarding my recent experience with Tikona Broadband, Chennai,We got 2 connections from Tikona. On the day of installation the connectivity was good and that was the last day it worked as well. Once they were done with the set up, the initial amount based on the plan was collected in...
  4. D

    Tikona(4 Mbps 80GB 1250/-) vs Local provider(2Mbps Unlimited)

    Tikona: 4 Mbps 80GB Rs: 1250/- Local provider: 2Mbps Unlimited I am confused between the two due to negative reviews of Tikona spread all over Internet. My usage will be around 70GB, so I am getting double speed on Tikona for Rs.100 less. Which one will be better? Should I give a try...
  5. A

    tikona in west delhi services ?

    i am currently using mtnl 512 kbps plan and i pay around 700 ₹ to 800 ₹ depending on calls made via landline ... tikona plan look good especially 4 mpbs *30 gb fup* after that 512 kbps so any one in west delhi using there services ? is customer care support good enough ? also what is...
  6. NitrousNavneet

    Wifi Router Required

    Hello fellow members, to start with, I am completely new in this wifi area, don't know how it sets up and works et cetra, never got a chance to perfectly scrutinize a set up. So , will you all please help me ,, I have a Tikona connection with 2mbps speed (the limit of which ends in...
  7. N

    Tikona Connection in Pune

    I want to pass over my experience with Tikona service..Well, there were times when I did have issues with the customer service not picking up calls. But it has only happened once-in-a-blue-moon. I was so amazed to see so many people with issues with the customer care. But, my experience has been...
  8. R

    Setting Google DNS or OpenDNS for Tikona connection

    Hi! I'm a new member here, I have Tikona 2Mbps Unlimited Plan (FUP 20 GB) using my personal router (Digisol DG-BR4000N/E) and I wanted to set google dns ( as my primary dns BUT when I set it as default, I can't even access the login page of Tikona. I used the trick to edit the 'hosts'...
  9. D

    Router under 1k

    Hi, I have to buy one Router for my home and looking for a basic one. Please suggest a router under Rs.1000. My requirement is to connect phone and laptop. Saw these in Flipkart: TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps - 995 Netgear Wireless-N 150 Router (WNR612) - 925 Please suggest if above are...
  10. P

    Tikona Broadband cheating all the time, could thinkdigit write a review over this or publish mine?

    Hi, I am paying tikona broadband for 2 mbps plan but just getting 780kbps speed (FUP not crossed), although network is completely fine. Their tech teams have remotely accessed my laptop twice using team-viewer to perform tests, i have talked with their customer service, advanced tech-team...
  11. Gtb93

    Best broadband in Pune?

    I'm located at Shivaji Nagar Housing Soc./ Senapati Bapat road. I'm looking for a good and none/very little downtime facing network. Speed-2mbps-4mbps. UL. No FUP limits. Set up will be Wi-Fi. 3 people to share it. Any suggestions guys? The only options I've seen are - Tikona, YouBroadband, and...
  12. mandarpalshikar

    Bad experience with Tikona

    I've been having a lot of problems with Tikona (speeds dropping frequently, bad ping times, etc.) but this one is really causing some pain to me. Since Saturday 22nd Sept my connection is down. My PC shows network as disconnected. I tried changing the LAN cable and also trying with my Laptop...
  13. ico

    Tikona Broadband - noob spammers

    http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/cavern/148646-tikona-digital-network.html <-- most hilarious one. http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/cavern/151787-tikona-broadband-review.html http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/cavern/152494-tikona-wifi-review.html...
  14. coolnikhil

    Tikona broadband in delhi

    Hey guyz... i need a cheap and best internet connection... apart from MTNL is there any cheap and good internet provider.? Monthly max. Usage is 2-3 GB. i am considering tikona. Is it good in service and proper continous connection.?
  15. C

    Do not buy Tikona BroadBand

    if u are thinking of buying tikona broadband never buy it !! i am using tikona broadband for last 2 month to get high speed but i did not get good speed i am geting only 10 to 20 kbps from last 40 days i had called lots of time but they mother fckers saying me that it is all ok and...
  16. khmadhu

    How to connect Tikona BB to wifi router..?

    Hi I recently got Tikona BB (becoz there was no other option than BSNL). I am having Belkin router,but not able to configure for auto login to Tikona.? i tried PPOE mode but not working. only Dynamic option in router will work. but for each PC/laptop every time i need to enter userid and...
  17. NitrousNavneet

    Tikona FMC 599

    Yesterday , Got new Tikona Net Connection. My Plan is - FMC 599. With 2 MBps Speed for first 4gbs and the 64kbps Nice:?::? posting pic. soon.
  18. S

    Should i go for Pacenet?

    I live in Aarey colony near royal palms mumbai. The only broadband providers are Tikona and pacenet.. Installed tikona last week.. Not working at all. download speed of 3 to 4 kbps for unlimited 600kbps plan.. planning to terminate other option local cable provider. He says the ISP is...
  19. nvrmndryo

    Can I use Tikona broaband on my iphone 2g ??

    hi , I m using Tikona Broadband connection on my pc.. Tikona is wireless Broadband service , & my iphone has wi-fi ,,so I want to use Tikona on my iphone. I tried to connect phone through wi-fi , but it opens only home page of tikona , no login page, i called tikona Care , but they are tellin me...
  20. P

    TIKONA Broadband Review

    Guys PLEASE don't go for TIKONA broadband, its the worst boradband service I have ever seen. First of all they took 3 weeks to do the installation after payment, once installed there is not continuous connection, every now and then it gets disconnected. I had opted for 300 kbps unlimited...
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