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Which broadband is best in Chennai?


Broken In
I recently relocated to Chennai. I've decided to go for either Airtel or Tikona. I know a few threads here at digit forum talks about the bad experiences with tikona but few of my colleagues here in chennai say they have no issues so far. So, I'm here a bit confused now, would like to hear any wise words from you guys too. Thanks.


The Slowest One
ACT is good. One of my friend in chennai is using that. The only problem is when power goes off, the net will also stop. till now they don't have the battery facility like they have in bangalore.


The Slowest One
So which one you started using?
I have same question. Please help me. Right now I am in my friends home and having ACT connection. He told me the service is good. But when I played Rocked League th epings were increasing every 2mins. Game is unplayable in that connection if it lags every 2mins.
People from chennai can tell me which ISP is reliable for online gaming
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