Want to buy something for upto 199$ before 11th January


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My aunt will be coming from Chicago,USA on 11th January to India.
I am thinking to get a iPod 4G 8GB -199$.
Any other suggestions are welcome.


Ipood?Seriously? Its sold For Same In India

This ? Kindle Fire - Full Color 7" Multi-Touch Display with Wi-Fi - More than a Tablet
Also Ask your aunt To wait Coz $199 BlackBerry PlayBook deal is official — 'for limited time,' says RIM
Or Maybe This *www.amazon.com/dp/B004HWZ5KM/ref=nosim/?tag=web2list-20&linkCode=as1
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I thought of iPod because I can get it 168$-8.8k
How is Kindle Fire.I kinda like it.
I don't no about mobiles but my friend suggested to get a HTC DROID2 unlocked -199$.
iPhone 4S & iPhone 4 - Black or White - Free Shipping - Apple Store (U.S.)
^iPhone 4Gs 8GB-199$ with at&t plan.Could some lighten me about this
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