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  1. S

    Guys, can you check this WD 3TB external HDD & is it okay to buy from Ebay

    link is below - WD 3TB MY Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Disk Drive USB 3 0 Black | eBay model number described is - WDBBKD0030BBL-NESN link to the profile of seller - lowestprice2014 on eBa what tests should i perform (when i get it) to know if its a legit one not a...
  2. R

    ADATA Premier Pro SP920SS SSD Review

    Introduction: It was only a few years ago when SSDs had just come in and there was a lot of buzz about their great performance, reliability and high price/GB. As with almost everything in technology, today’s SSDs are much better of. They are far more performant, reliable and cheaper than...
  3. Flash

    Indian private hospitals 'treat patients as revenue generators'

    What has long been murmured in private has now come out in public - India's private healthcare sector largely treats patients as mere "revenue generators", according to a study that reveals shocking testimonies of corruption. Kickbacks for referrals included an example from a general...
  4. K

    Problem with PC startup!!!!!

    Hello, My friend has a PC with following Specs: Intel Core2Quad Q8400 4GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz GTX 560 (non ti) PSU of VIP(dunno W) He ran burn-in test (stress test ) for both CPU n GPU simultaneously... (Temps were below max level) He says the tests were completed successfully. Now the...
  5. r4gs

    Benchmarks for 2012

    Since everyone is nice and busy on this forum today, I think it will be a good idea to get your feedback on this before we get started on our tests. Our current (tentative) config for this year's test rig is as follows... Intel i7 3960x Intel DX79SI RAM ( Unconfirmed as yet as...
  6. marvelousprashant

    SX220HS or HX9V or SX240HS

    I am planning to buy a P&S (my first). I am planning to learn about photography and will buy a DSLR once I get out from college. I have finalized SX220/230HS because of full manual control and best low light performance compared to HX9v and S9100. In various tests on different blogs SX230HS...
  7. Krow

    Firefox 7 (with memory leak fix) is here

    Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download I am yet to check it out but initial tests show that FF 7 consumes slightly more memory at startup but actively frees up unused RAM with usage. It consumed less RAM than Opera with 9 tabs open here: Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 7, Chrome 14...
  8. The Sorcerer

    Asus Eee PC 1015PW GOL/GL Netbook powered by Intel Atom N550

    Q3 2010 was the time when Intel launched the 550 Dual core Atom processor Does the netbook make any waves is something we'll need to find out soon as we go about the review!! Chipset and Netbook Specs Overview So it goes without saying: Atom N 550 is just not cut even for a bone-dead...
  9. The Sorcerer

    Western Digital Velociraptor (WD6000HLHX-01JJPVD) 600GB SATA 6Gb/s Drive

    WD sends in a Velociraptor with a SATA 6Gb/s interface... Mighty big teeth with Mighty fast drive (for a mechanical drive) with the mighty SATA III interface. Enterprise class drives are used in environments which requires access 24/7 and fast enough access without denting the...
  10. The Sorcerer

    Seagate Momentus 750GB (ST9750420AS) 2.5 inch Notebook Storage Hard drive

    Notebook users like it big- and big they shall get. Manufacturers pretty much started off 500GB but none of them calling it quits, more density in platters, more Storage space and punching it all for notebook drives. Very recently, I've received couple of 750GB Notebook drives. As...
  11. The Sorcerer

    Seagate GoFlex Pro 500GB Review

    The use of an external storage has become more of an everyday requirement for many not just for their business, but also as a source of pleasure. As other hardware such as media players, consoles and even routers come with a USB port which lets you use external storage not only as a source of...
  12. H

    GATE institute

    Which coaching institute provides the best simulation experience with All india mock tests and ranking for GATE Exams? it would be preferable if online tests are also provided for which ranking and analysis can be provided online. Pls suggest the institue which has the maximum number of...
  13. desiibond

    Browser Speed Tests: Latest Firefox Is Faster, but Not as Fast as Google Chrome

    http://www.pcworld.com/article/168623/browser_speed_tests_latest_firefox_is_faster_but_not_as_fast_as_google_chrome.html This is interesting. As per pcworld tests, here is the ranking as per average time taken to load certain pages: 1) Chrome - 1.70 seconds 2) FF - 1.76 3) IE 8 - 1.83 4)...
  14. NucleusKore

    Virginity tests anger brides

    Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/virginity-tests-anger-brides/96993-3.html At a mass wedding in Madhya Pradesh just before the ceremony was to begin, a would-be bride developed labour pains, shocking those present. Virginity and pregnancy tests were ordered on the 152 prospective brides...
  15. M

    Anil Kumble announces retirement

    Anil Kumble announces retirement :
  16. Gigacore

    Psychologist Says Intelligent Men Have the Best Sperm

  17. M

    Ganguly decides to quit

    Ganguly to retire after Australia Tests Cricinfo staff October 7, 2008 Sourav Ganguly has announced he will retire after the upcoming Test series against Australia. "This will be my last series," said Ganguly at the end of a routine press...
  18. X

    Hey Guys, A little help please ( AGP Card Display issue) - Urgent

    all of a sudden my desktop has started looking like this: i have tried reinstalling the ati drivers( old and new both) even reinstalled windows from scratch, but their is no improvement. when i check the d3d tests all tests are successful. Don't understand why the desktop look like this. my...
  19. V

    Speaker Comparisons

    Hello, I am planning to buy 5.1 speakers for my home PC setup. I had contemplated the Z 5500 but it is prooving to be too expensive. So hence i would like to buy something this is next in line (cheaper) What I basically want is, speaker comparisons sort of like what Digit offers in their...
  20. yogi7272

    5mp cam tests ..

    interesting read this one .. http://mobilearsenal.com/review/the_big_5_megapixel_test/print/whole.html
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