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Now we are talking-nVidia GT200,2560x1600 16.6K 3Dmark06

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The nVidia GT200 scores a stunning 16.6K in 3DMark06 at a stunning resolution of 2560x1600.


The card is still in Alpha stage and has very little driver support.
It was tested with two quad core Q6600s on a nVidia dual socket mobo.
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^^The information has been provided by a girl who works at nVidia and the information she provided about 9800GX2 came to be true.
By the way GT200 stands for "Grand Trim 200" this is the closest I've come to find(anyway trying to find out more)

Ok more new info now about the 9800GX2 which the girl provided and came out to be true-The GX2 runs hotter than the 3870X2 and faster too but when a ceratin temp is reached by the 9800GX2 it slows down one core(the hotter running one)and thus you get lower performance(it runs @80c at load).
I'll give more links when I'm done:).
Here's what she wrote
HI i am someone you can know about me from ( http://forums.anandtech.com/me...=2140685&enterthread=y )

Anyways i have searched the net and seeing as there is no news on the temp of the upcomeing 9800 X2 well here they are i will not write the whole report only the cooler thing-

"....the cooler is passive in heat pipeing and has a limited port for copper we have achived total HD of over 4.55% - 5% as compared to 6% - 7% in G94 this is also the case for the exposed core and not the lower core (Sub0), as you may have noted we are looking at another G71 core slr problem again if we were to use a twin heat pipe system as we tried with the <<G71 Twin core the TTL logic IC's are just too cramped.

Our recomendation is to use the referred cooler design and to go with the specified thermal envelope. At max performance level done via. GPU multi-string manipulation we got a temp. <<value about 10%-12% more than a G92 at the referred speed and 19%-22% at a similar speed......"
The report is 20+ pages i cant type sooo good either...!!!
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From what my brother told me,i am here to give you some more info,Geforce 9 series was rushed in 2007,early stages for Geforce GT-200.
The girl who leaked the info is an Indian intern,underpaid as she says,has little to no knowledge about why she's working for XFX India and she did it to take revenge.BTW she has a job of transferring goods, :D.Got the pic when she sneaked in the lab in everybody's absence.
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