Are these temps safe!?

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Hi, I just upgraded to AMD 1090T processor, complete config is in my signature.
I use Hyper 212+ cooler and Arctic MX2 thermal paste, despite this setup my cpu's temperature as observed in AMD overdrive and HW monitor reach 62 degress! Are these temp safe?
I'm attaching screenshot when the cpu is idle and when it's stress tested with prime 95.

At idle state:

At Stressed state:

I haven't overclocked my system, BIOS is loaded with default settings.
FYI, I live in pune, and since it's rented house so there is no AC atm, room temp according to my watch is 31degrees


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It's fine. :)

Everyone's CPU reaches 60+ during a stress test with a good cooler.

My i5-2500k + Hyper 212 Evo also gives similar readings at idle and when stressed.

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