A smartphone with two screens - one of which uses e-ink technology


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What do you about this phone, digitians?

A smartphone with two screens - one of which uses e-ink technology and is "always on" - has been launched.

BBC News - Phone with e-ink second screen launched



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so if that is the case,what is the advantage of this one?

Longer durability of battery when in low power.
Feasible design for older people who just make & receive calls and depend on battery life.
Or casual phone users with average usage.
Also for people with sensitive sight that might otherwise be easily strained by the bright LED screens.
For avid readers who don't like to carry tablets or large sized gadgets around like Kindle.

I'm just spit balling here but these are a few may-be reasons that came to my mind.

EDIT:- I just read the article. Turns out some of my pointers are right :-D
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engineering is what makes it possible..


20years back mobiles were an impossibility.. now see.. :)

True. I'm sure the Phonebloks concept isn't impossible. Science & Tech can achieve and have achieved so many things that the human brain couldn't even comprehend 5 years ago. Nothing is impossible when great minds come together. I hope Phonebloks really kicks off on a global scale as E-waste is really becoming a huge PITA.


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You have 2 screens. Regular duty on one, and those tasks that you don't do all the time (games, movies etc) on the other. You get the best of both worlds.

it may be good for reading but its ~2hz refresh rate may not be good for something other works. if we are able to create e-ink screen with high refresh rate, that would boost mobile phone industry because we need good battery back up and just 1 day is not enough.
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