Gujarat leads in e-transactions of public service

e-public of Gujarat leads India

Gujarat accounts for over 25% of all e-transactions recorded in India from January 1 to July 26 this year, according to 'eTaal', a central government web portal that disseminates e-transaction statistics.

From land record registration to registering a new birth to getting an affidavit for income, Gujaratis do it all the e-way. Gujarat has recorded 8.80 crore e-transactions in the said period in the standard services provided under state government projects. Andhra Pradesh comes second with 7.87 crore e-transactions.

Even in terms of providing e-services across the counter, Gujarat tops the list with over 50 per cent e-transactions of the total 10.18 crore recorded under this category.


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I guess, it has to be mostly because of this:

The state, which ranked eighth last year, has improved its ranking seemingly suddenly. But, a senior state IT department said, "It's not that the transactions have increased overnight. We have developed a system to link all transactions on the portal which has resulted in the spurt."

Haryana is third in that list with 3.2 crore transactions. Had it had as many people as Gujarat, it'd be around the same mark.
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