Starry's CEO on building a new type of wireless ISP


After making a noble attempt at bringing wireless television signals to the internet (and failing), Chet Kanojia is now trying to offer broadband internet wirelessly. How poetic. His new company, which launched this morning, is called Starry. It uses high-frequency millimeter-wave technology to deliver gigabit speeds to homes wirelessly. And, best of all, there won't be any bandwidth caps. We sat down briefly with Kanojia to discuss his latest attempt at revitalizing a stale industry.

What inspired you to go down this route? Nobody has used millimeter-wave technology in this way.

Purely market conditions is probably a good way to describe it right now. If you draw the curve out and say, OK, X amount of bandwidth is necessary now ... either you can develop systems that are super spectrally efficient and try to go for, like, 100 Mbps ... or you can say, let's get higher in frequency, where you can get access to a ton more bandwidth.

You have other challenges, but spectral efficiency is just an incredibly difficult game to play. It comes down to innovating in base bands and radio, which is a much longer cycle. More importantly, you have no consumer industry support, compared to using existing consumer baseband technology and apply[ing] smart RF on different bands. That gives you a ton of agility on different strategies.

VIA Starry's CEO on building a new type of wireless IS
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