1. M

    Buying GPU from Us( vs buying it locally

    Thinking of purchasing Gtx 1080 when released. was checking pricing options avaliable .. for current card ex 980 TI, same variants across multiple sites 1. ASUS GeForce 6GB 384-Bit GDDR5 Graphics Cards STRIX-GTX980TI-DC3-6GD5-GAMING: Computers & Accessorie...
  2. Desmond

    The Panama Papers - The biggest data leak on corruption in history.

    The Panama Papers have been in the news for a while now. Its a major leak containing information on people guilty of tax evasion, possession of illegal assets and black money. Source: Panama Papers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi References: The Panama Papers · ICI [live] Panama...
  3. B

    Command/way to change rate % in excel

    Hi Guys, Please check the screenshot. How to change the rate of service tax to 15% from 14.5%? Thanks
  4. I

    A little way I found to fight off tax dodging by shops

    Always ask for a receipt. That's because many small shops then dont need to show that particular transaction on their books and can dodge taxes like VAT and pocket it themselves. Many of them will say that you would need to pay extra. So just tell them that you need to file it for company...
  5. G

    Please advice - service tax on phone bill?

    Hello, to all of you. Firstly, I don't know Is it the right section to post this thread or not? If not, then please move it to its right section.Actually, I use some private company's Wire line telephone connection for broadband, I just got the bill of May-2015, and it has levied the service tax...
  6. ssdivisiongermany1933

    GST might up costs for Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce firms by 10-15 per cent

    GST might up costs for Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce firms by 10-15 per cent E-commerce may be the most exciting sector for entrepreneurs and investors in the country, but online retailers may see their costs go up 10-15% once the goods and service tax is implemented. Industry...
  7. Flash

    Is NDTV muzzling an honest officer who caught their Tax Fraud?

    Corporate houses cheating on taxes is always a big ticket story for Indian Media. There was much brouhaha in the Media when a list of people holding Swiss Accounts was released. Although some of these accounts could have been legal, holding legal money, media went overboard with the coverage of...
  8. vickybat

    Need help in instantiating Servlet (J2EE)

    Hello fellow tdf members. :) I need some help from JAVA/J2EE developers and learners alike. I'm improving my knowledge on J2EE and trying to make an application using the MVC design pattern. The application is a simple income tax calculator and the MVC has a MODEL class, a VIEW (JSP) and a...
  9. mohit9206

    Nokia not big on India, sees the market as its "least favourable" for doing buisiness

    Nokia not big on India, sees the market as its "least favourable" for doing buisiness | Windows Phone Central
  10. H

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days – Quartz
  11. swatkats

    Beam Fiber New plans (60% More FUP); Up to 50mbps Speeds

    Update: FUP now includes both downloads and uploads. Beam Upgraded Speeds on its Present plans yet again. 60% more FUP is being offered on Plans above 999 . Plans applicable from Today! - 1660 Plan is Discontinued and users on that plan have been upgraded to 25mbps will be Getting extra 30Gb...
  12. R

    Gpu 16k

    Hi all this is my current rig i5 3470 CX500 mobo-b75 Dell sl2240l 1080p HDMI NXZT tempest 410 elite will be playing Bf3,cs:go,dota 2 ,fc3,etc which is the best vfm card i get for 16k(inc tax ,can extend max to 16.5K)? well 7850 fine or can i fit in a 7870?
  13. Abhishekrocked

    Do we have to Pay tax separately if we use Paypal ?

    Hello guys i am from india, 19 years of age..... so i am new to all of this things paypal and credit cards things... I want to create a paypal account for selling, buying and receiving money to my paypal. I will manly used to sell virtual items such as the items from zynga games and fifa...
  14. M

    Reliance Wireline Broadband Internet

    hiii friends!!! I got the reliance wireline broadband internet a couple of months ago. My plan is 1mbps unlimited for rs.549 + tax. There is no circuit breaker. Download Speed - around 135kbps. No buffering on streaming videos at you tube at 360p and 480p. At 720p it buffers at the beggining...
  15. Flash

    Missouri Representative PROPOSES tax on “violent” video games

    Source: 1.Rep. Diane Franklin wants tax on violent video games | 2.Missouri Representative proposes tax on "violent" video games | News | PC Gamer PS - Posting it as a NEW thread for discussion, rather discussing here.
  16. D

    Nexus 4 from Australia ??

    My friend will be coming from Australia in 2 month so i thought of getting a Nexus 4 from Australia but have few doubt: 1. How much will it cost to him in AUD? 2. Does the price u told inclusive of tax? if not how much tax will be included? 3. If he opens up the box and bring the mobile...
  17. g_goyal2000

    HP Laserjet P1007 - Income Tax watermark not printing

    I'm using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate OS and HP Laserjet P1007. I've installed the v8.0 drivers for the printer which seem to be the latest drivers available. The ink toner is full. The problem is, when I print the Income Tax Return Verification Form, the document prints without the Income...
  18. azzu

    Australian tech retailer Kogan Charges 6.8% Tax On Using Internet Explorer 7

    Tech Retailer Charges Tax On Using Internet Explorer 7 Australian tech retailer Kogan has implemented world's first "Internet Explorer 7 Tax" . The users who buy stuff on Kogan site using antique Internet Explorer 7 , are charged 6.8% tax . The site says that the tax is being charged...
  19. D

    tax rate increased on mobile recharge

    today i recharged my reliance cellphone with rs 50 but i got only rs 41.50. i got a message saying your phone is recharged you got a balance of rs 41.50 , sales tax is rs 5.50, and service is rs 3. what to do...recharge of rs 50 and get rs 40 equivalent to getting only 80% what the hell!!!!
  20. ico

    Vodafone-Hutchison deal: Vodafone wins Rs 11,000 crore tax case

    NEW DELHI: In a major victory to Vodafone International Holdings, the Supreme Court on Friday set aside the Bombay high court judgement asking the company to pay income tax of Rs 11,000 crore, holding that tax authorities do not have jurisdiction on an overseas transaction. A three-judge bench...
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