tax rate increased on mobile recharge


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today i recharged my reliance cellphone with rs 50 but i got only rs 41.50. i got a message saying your phone is recharged you got a balance of rs 41.50 , sales tax is rs 5.50, and service is rs 3. what to do...recharge of rs 50 and get rs 40 equivalent to getting only 80% what the hell!!!!


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There are many specific amounts that when you recharge you get 100% talktime. Reliance has many same too. Other amounts there will be reduction like this. Talk with their CC to know the amounts.


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Reliance has full TT on recharge of 110 or more.
Docomo has full and more than full TT on recharge of Rs.40 or more.
Uninor has full and more than full TT on recharge of Rs.20 or more.
Not aware of other operators.


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talking about tax... does it matter if you even get a discount with soem coupon code? i dunno if I should be doing online recharge or not :(


One would not stop recharging because of the increase in taxes right? Go for full talktime always. Service providers screw up big time with smaller top-ups.
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