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Missouri Representative PROPOSES tax on “violent” video games


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A Representative of Missouri, Republican Diane Franklin of Camdenton, is calling for a 1% sales tax on violent video games following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. “Violent,” in this instance, really doesn’t mean what you think it does. From the proposed bill: “the term ‘violent video game’ means a video or computer game that has received a rating from the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) of "Teen, Mature, or Adult Only”

1% sales tax then would finance mental health programs and law enforcement measures to curb mass shootings.The tax would be charged on video games rated teen, mature, and adult only by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Franklin's proposal is the latest in a string of measures in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 20 students and six adults. Another Missouri Republican has filed a measure allowing teachers to carry guns in the classroom.

Similar legislation to tax violent video games failed in Oklahoma and New Mexico in recent years.

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