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  1. moshel

    Need a AMD config for a Ph.D. researcher

    Sorry for creating a new thread but i posted this twice in the sticky, but no one replied and my post got lost in earlier pages..here it goes A frnd of mine needs to buy a system...now this wud be absolutely no games. hes into research and stuff..(doing Ph. D)...so hes gotta do lotta...
  2. T


    hi do any one know how much tax one has to pay when oderind some hardware from foreign web sellers...i mean do custome charge some amount or is it free upto a limit
  3. vivekbabbudelhi

    Dell 22" E228wfp At Rock Bottom Price!!!

    HEY guys today only i noticed that dell 22" TN E228WFP is selling whoa dirt cheap for 13,900 + tax look here http://dellstoreroa01.sg.dell.com/public/cart/configurator.jsp?prd_id=41620&sr_no=19 & http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/products/compare.aspx/20lcd?c=in&cs=inbsd1&l=en&s=bsd only 2...
  4. DD3030

    RAM prices slashed!!!!!!

    Hi all :p I purchased Kingston 1GB DDR2 667Mhz @1400/- including tax. The prices were slashed on Thursday it seems. Don't pay more than 1450/- for Kingston and 1350/- for Transcend :D Other things I bought were (tax included): X2 4200+ @3,400/- ASUS M2A-VM @3,500/- LOGITECH MM KB+OPT...
  5. RCuber

    Should we have TV Licence Fee ?

    Ok now the government is imposing a annual "Licence Fee" of 500 bucks. Most of you might have read it. Now I was not surprised about this tax.. because I had heard about TV tax in UK from one of my cousin. I just checked if there is any info on the UK tax thing and was shocked :mad: First in...
  6. latino_ansari

    Tax % on laptops

    Hey guys can anyone tell me how much DELL charges tax% on its laptops. I have configured a Dell Inspirion 1520 for Rs.48,650 without tax. So how much will its cost be with the Tax included?
  7. latino_ansari

    Which Lappy to buy?

    hey there, can any one suggest me a good laptop in the price range of 46K-52K. I have seen a new model of dell, inspirion 1520 ,it has got a core 2 duo 1.5ghz, 1 gb ram,120gb hdd,dvd burner and nvidia 8400gs gpu. it is on sale on dell site for rs.48,650 without tax. how much tax will be added on...
  8. kumars

    Is there any Tax on Internet Companies?

    Are Internet Companies (.com) taxed? Any business attracts various types of taxes, like Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise Duty, VAT etc etc.. What about Internet Companies? Any idea?
  9. xbonez

    google adsense

    hi, i recently started a website and naturally i signed up with google adsense also to earn some money. the thing is that when $100 collects, they take your tax info etc and send u a cheque. now, i'm only 16 yrs old and don't have a bank account etc. the adsense account is made in my name. when...
  10. C

    New PC Config and Price - Please advise

    Hi guys, I need a PC for my office and have come up with the following config. Will be mostly using it for MS office, tally, database management and image editing. Planning to install Vista in it and will use MS Virtual PC for Windows XP, MSDOS (for tally 4.5) etc. Please advise if the...
  11. ratzee199

    Gaming rig for Rs 80,000

    Hi friends...Now I am in a position to buy a Gaming PC for me. My budget is around Rs 80,000 +/- Rs 10,000, including all the tax and UPS. So please suggest me a good configuraion that I can buy from Lemington road, Mumbai.
  12. S

    Registering a Software Company

    Dear Friends, We are two individual computer students and we are planning to start a software and web development services firm. We are working on some projects as of now, and are planning to register our company with the authorities. But we dont have the knowledge of that. There are precisely...
  13. s18000rpm

    Import Tax on PC Parts

    I just wanted to know, how much TAX is put on PC Parts/Items, such as Motherboard, Processor, Graphics Card when we import them from countries such as USA, Singapore... My friend said it was 200% :shock:, but he was unsure.
  14. abhijit_reddevil

    No more tax rebate on LIC premium!

    At least this article today on www.indiatimes.com says so: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1534177.cms So what other options left for me to save tax? I already have two insurance policies and seems like they will go to waste. Surely the government has become beggars and...
  15. N

    Calling all Google AdSense users

    Recently I activated my google adsense account for my blog at blogger.com Now Google wants me to fill tax info. How should I proceed? It is asking that the publisher is involved in USA or not. What does it means? Blogger.com is a site based on USA. Please post the details as how to proceed as...
  16. G

    income tax calculator

    Is there an income tax calculator on the net for the financial year 2005-06? If yes, cld u pls give me the website?
  17. A

    HELP with TALLY 7.3

    8) Hi, there every1. I read in a newspaper about the upgradation of the tally6.3 to tally7.3[this calculates the VAT]. I would like 2 know more about this Value Added Tax, and why are the traders going for a strike against this almost everyday!? I belive it abolishes every possible tax and...
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