1. beingGamer

    Skype no longer available for Symbian :(

    Received this in my mail today..
  2. S

    1st Smartphone for my mother.

    Phone for my mom. She has been a nokia symbian user till now. This will be her 1st touchscreen smart phone. 1. Budget? - 15K 2. Display type and size? - biggest screen in the budget 4. Preferred choice of brand? - Sony, Samsung, Htc, Motorola, Nokia 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY...
  3. amjath

    Nokia ending support for MeeGo and Symbian January 1

    Nokia ending support for MeeGo and Symbian January 1 - news
  4. P

    Exchanging Contacts between Symbian Belle And Android? HELP!

    Hey guyz Me and my friend are exchanging our phones for a period of time but we have some issue over it and it is exchanging contacts from either phones running a whole different platform! I have a Nokia 603 running belle FP2 and he has the Ericsson x10i running Android 2.3 in it. Now we want...
  5. anirbandd

    Phone for Music only

    Hi all, 1. Budget? = Rs. 4K MAX 2. Display type and size? = No preference. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? = Bar. 4. Preferred choice of brand? = Any b/w Nokia, Samsung, LG 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). = Numpad 6. What camera option you want? Please...
  6. stevebadshah

    friends locator,symbian phone app needed

    hello guys i'm using nokia (symbian based phone c-series), i would like to purchase/download a app which can help me in finding my friends location without installing any app in target device. i came across many apps for android but i want the app to work in my symbian phone ..
  7. ud0103

    Need help rooting symbian :\

    Hey guys! I've decided to root my Nokia 5233 (Symbian S60 5th Edition) phone... But I'm totally noobs at rooting and this is gonna be my very first attempt to rooting a phone... :| I'd like to know the easiest and safest ways to go about this... (Like one-click apps) And the reason for me...
  8. socrates

    Symbian Carla and Donna to come next, but not for everyone

    Symbian Carla and Donna to come next, but not for everyone - news
  9. G

    Top smartphone options from Nokia

    Hi , I need to get a smartphone for someone and it has to be ONLY a Nokia device. Need to get one ASAP , so could someone help me out with the top options from Nokia ? I know that the latest on offer by Nokia is their new Nokia 701. It’s a power-packed phone which is bound get those Nokia...
  10. socrates

    Symbian Belle to come to Nokia devices on October 26

    Symbian Belle is slated to roll-out on October 26, that’s a few weeks from now. As reported by GSMArena, the Nokia phones that have already got the Anna update along with those that will have it out of the box, can be updated to Symbian Belle from October 26th, onwards. Updates can be downloaded...
  11. V

    How is Nokia 701 and Symbian Belle?

    I was going through ebay and i saw the Nokia 701.How is Nokia 701?Whether it is a competitive phone at 17k range?Because the specs looks very good.And what about the games and apps available for Belle?Will there future updates for symbian? Please somebody give a reply.Need to buy this phone...
  12. NewsBytes

    Nokia Symbian Belle walkthrough and NFC Live demoes [Video]

     Here are some videos from the Nokia Symbian Belle phone launch event. You can read about the individual phones here and get more dough on the new features in Symbian Belle here  ...
  13. F

    Message manager for android

    Is there any app on android that can provide folders (as in symbian) to manage our messages .. . ????
  14. B

    .NET on Symbian

    I have a Nokia E5 and want to open pages containing ASP and .net code. Please suggest freeware for .net framework on symbian. Thanks
  15. Sarath

    Blocking unwanted calls (not marketing calls)

    I want to know if there is any software that can block calls from a particular number. This is to block a regular number and not the ones that come under the purview of DND etc. Have been receiving pesky calls from a certain number. Reporting the number to the Airtel CC wont help in case they...
  16. blackpearl

    Need a calendar app for android

    I'm trying to find a good calendar app that does not rely on Google Calendar. Why can't I have a good offline calendar that can store events on my phone? I want something like I had for symbian phones. Easy to use, nothing complex or trying to do too much. Please suggest me.
  17. socrates

    Nokia to update its Symbian Belle platform with Microsoft Apps

    Nokia will soon update its Symbian Belle platform with a suite of business-based applications called Microsoft Apps. The Microsoft Apps suite is free and features Microsoft PowerPoint and OneNote. Nokia believes the update will “add some serious business productivity tools” for those buying...
  18. T

    Symbian Anna Impressions Thread

    Hi Guys, Now that Symbian Anna is available widely , what are your impressions of the OS ? I think the split screen qwerty keyboard is quite good on my x7. Lots of overall improvements everywhere. I really like the phone even more with the update. How has your opinion been ?
  19. Terabyte

    Symbian Belle announced by Nokia

    Symbian Belle and 3 New phones running on Belle announced by Nokia Symbian Belle Nokia 701 - the brightest screen in the world Nokia 700 - the smallest smartphone in the world Nokia 600 - loud and proud
  20. socrates

    'Symbian Belle' update to be unleashed in two days

    See: 'Symbian Belle' update to be unleashed in two days * Rumor or otherwise only time will tell :D I wish they release it for the E6.
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