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Nokia ending support for MeeGo and Symbian January 1


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In a rather easy to predict move, Nokia announced that it will be dropping support for the Symbian and MeeGo operating systems at the end of this year.
While apps will still be available for download to customers (and developers will still continue to receive revenue for published apps), developers will no longer be able to publish or update apps on the Ovi Store after the January 1 deadline.
While it was only a matter of time before this happened, the pending Microsoft acquisition of Nokia might have something to do with speeding things up.
Nokia ending support for MeeGo and Symbian January 1 - GSMArena.com news


Judgement Time!!
ahh damn..i was about to gift a Nokia Asha phone to a relative...may have to relook now.. :(


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Its sad, considering the recent efforts of Nokia to boost Asha app developers. I even attended a Nokia Asha developers seminar a few months back.
Well, in this deal of Microsoft and Nokia, looks like Asha owners will be hit hard.


Lost in speed
Why Asha users have to worry about this?
Asha OS is a different thing from Symbian and Meego.
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