1. S

    cant decide between Ups and Inverter for many reasons.

    Hello folks! So long story short , a couple weeks ago some wires crossed in my building , I guess the neutral and phase wire and caused a voltage of 440v and it caused my mobo and speakers and iPod to fry.the electrician checked the ground and earthing and all was OK .I also know that it...
  2. Cyberghost

    The Surge

    Lords of the Fallen studio Deck 13 is attempting to take the Dark Souls formula into the future. What if the modern trends ruling the world as we know it continued on their most negative possible path? That’s the question posed by The Surge, and it’s the answers that developer Deck 13 has...
  3. I

    Please recommend surge protector

    Hi all! I would like to buy a good surge protector which has atleast 5 sockets and can receive UK and India style plugs. My budget is 800 to 1000 rupees. I would like it to be very fast reacting so that it is actually effective in protecting my computer. Can you please recommend some as I...
  4. R

    PC UPS connected to Home UPS

    Hi all, I would like to know whether buying a computer ups and connecting to my AC source which is again backed up by a home offline UPS will make it work or not. I need the pc ups to just withstand power load until my home ups is switched on which takes like half or 1 second and this...
  5. ithehappy

    Asking for a friend. He's having problems with Asus Surge protection

    Asking this for my friend, he has a i7 3770k, and a P8 mainboard most probably. He has a GTX 460 GPU. He can't enter in OS, stuck at boot screen. The problem is he can't enter BIOS by entering Del or F2, also if he presses F1 to run setup he only gets a blue screen? Look at the last three lines...
  6. A

    Belkin Surge Protectors

    I bought two Belkin Surge protectors - essential and gold, both 8 sockets. Anyone using them ? Please reply, I want some basic information.
  7. mandarpalshikar

    SMPS doesn't power on when connected directly to UPS but does with Surge Protector in between

    I have a APC Back-UPS RS 1500 and Corsair AX850 in my rig. Yesterday I noticed that when I connected the power supply cable directly to UPS, it doesn't power on. But when I connect a Belkin Surge Protector to UPS and then connect SMPS cable to surge protector, it does start. Why would this be...
  8. M

    APC UPS 600 attached with PC/LED TV/ROUTER/SET TOP BOX!

    Hi Friends, I have APC UPS RS-600VA (3 pins) which i have attached 4 Socket Surge Protector to APC. So the set-up that i have done is something like this APC - Monitor (Dell ST2220M) APC - CPU APC - Surge Proctector (4 Socket) -> 1) DLINK Router -> 2) Belkin Wifi Router N600 -> 3) 24"...
  9. saswat23

    Will this serve as a good Surge Protector?

    Voltage in my area is getting very low these days. And my UPS is unable to run on such low voltage. But if I switch on the PC through the mains, it works fine no matter how low the voltage is. The problem I am facing here is, sometimes my PC switches off automatically and upon restarting, it...
  10. Ronnie11

    Surge protector required for a budget of 850/-

    Hey guys, i need a good branded surge budget is about 850 or so...need one with 6 connections max...need one which is reliable & last for a long time..pls help...btw i do not own a UPS of any kind...i have just run out of points to fit these additional plugs
  11. quicky008

    problem with ASUS motherboard-help needed URGENT

    Today i bought a new system with the following configuration: core i5 3450 asus p-8 b75-V motherboard corsair vengeance ram 4gb*2 Corsair carbide 400r Corsair VX 450 Geforce gts 450 gpu It was working just fine initially but it turned off abruptly all of a sudden because there was a loose...
  12. M

    Suggestion for Surge protector

    My 2 year old Belkin surge protector is not working properly.So i want to buy a new one.Please suggest a good surge protector.Is there any other good brand for surge protector? If this is not correct section for this question please move it to correct one..
  13. N

    Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector

    I have 8 months old Belkin Superior Series 6-Socket Surge Protector. It has 2 LEDs, GREEN (marked as grounded) and RED(marked as protected). The RED LED is bright and glows at its full intensity, however since last 2 days , the GREEN LED is very dim compared to RED and now it has started to...
  14. T

    Need Suggestions for a good surge protector

    My sub-woofer got fried yesterday when i saw a bright spark from my current pinnacle surge protector. I have learnt the lesson and i now need suggestions for a new good quality surge protector. I would prefer one with individual switches but i cant find any of the good brands to have individual...
  15. N

    Buying Surge Protector

    Hi, I am getting "Belkin Surge Protector Superior Series 6 Way" Costing 1450 Rs/- for my lappy as of now.(Gaming PC in future). Is this one worth purchasing? Let me know if there is any other better Surge Protector. I am from mumbai. here is the link...
  16. iMav


    Full Article Why do I foresee a sudden surge in bandwidth consumption of the site? :D Have fun, may you find some Open Source love :D
  17. drgrudge

    Did BSNL Enhance Upload BW?

    From this morning I'm notising a surge in upload speeds. Sadly no surge in d/l speeds. I've a 256k UL connection. Earlier: 6-8 KBps Now: 18-20 KBps Here's another screenshot take a month back and I posted in the BSNL thread... Is it only here or you guys also notice any surge? For a...
  18. S

    What equipments need UPS/Spikebuster

    Hi, I have the following equipment at office and home and need to figure out which ones need spike buster or UPS and which ones dont... 1. Computers all have UPS... 2. (A1 size) Plotters have UPS connection because I dont want the printing to stop midway when power goes off 3. Do...
  19. A

    i need UPS and a special card for TV-out

    I am buying Powercom 1 KVA for 4.4K in mumbai. 1kva, 2yr onsite warranty, phone/lan protection, nice s/w, ext batt support. What do u say? Is it good? APC is too costly and Numeric doesn't have LAN surge protection. I cannot extend bugdet beyond 5 k And i also need a seperate card for...
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