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PC UPS connected to Home UPS


"Winter is coming"
Hi all,
I would like to know whether buying a computer ups and connecting to my AC source which is again backed up by a home offline UPS will make it work or not.

I need the pc ups to just withstand power load until my home ups is switched on which takes like half or 1 second and this switches off my pc! its highly annoying. I have a very expensive rig running and dont want to screw it up.

And i dont want the PC ups to be running on its own battery without utilizing my home UPS, cause then it wont last more than 10 mins. My home UPS has 4 batteries and can withstand a lot of power so i need to use that, but without switching off my PC. Please suggest a way to do this.

Thank you :)


Net Addict
What you are experiencing seems to be issue common with inverters/home inverters though most of them come with a UPS / Normal mode. Check if there is any such option as many of the PSU are able to withstand the fluctuation in that mode.

Yet many PSU are sensitive to it and cause reboots. So to answer to your query is Yes the PC ups would work just fine with the Home UPS power. I had my pc for 4 years running in similar arrangement before I made a switch to lappy 2 years back.
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