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i want to buy a laptop. i hav 50k in hand. i will use it for gaming & multimedia purpose. secondly is it best to buy a desktop or laptop? plz give ur suggestion.
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see here buddy * and here *


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The above link is where one should post such queries Ideally. :)

Buying desktop/laptop is entirely your choice. WHy? If you want MORE power, a desktop for same price is much more powerful. On the other hand, if you want PORTABILITY, buy a laptop.

Around 50k, the best one you can get is Dell Studio 15. However, a desktop at the same price (assembled of course) will be more powerful at the cost of portability.


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yup agree to that completely.. :)

to the OP: well, buddy u can get a really good PC configuration for that amount (50K) wich will help u in playing sum latest games as well as helping u to play with nearly heavy multimedia apps too..

but if u go in for a lappy (at that price of 50K) then u will just hva DECENT lappy, wich will be gr8 in terms of portability dept but will LACK hugely in gaming dept and will make u feel restricted in MM apps too..

but u'll hv to choose b/w the 2, i.e either a PC or a lappy.. :) but as u said in ur 1st query that u want a device for gaming and MM(multimedia) then go with a PC configuration.. :)
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