is nokia 2630 good as basic phone?

ya its good but not value for money. by adding more some more money you can get much better phone
check 3110, 3500, 3500 classic and e250
e250 is nice slider mobile that looks stylish and having good features including bluetooth, microsdcard slot, mp3 player and vga camera


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2630 is nice but as always you could always find way better phone with just a little more money. If you could stretch that little bit (and like folders) then Z550 could be yours for ~5.2K



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Guys I recently bought Nokia 2630, its really cool phone with all basic requirement in very cheap cost. Battery life is good….:smile::smile::smile:

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It's a pretty good phone, But if you could, get 2690. It is a newer model in which the UI has improved. Also it supports memory card. So will be a much better choice. But if you want under 2000, 2630 is very good. My friend bought it for 4000 3 years back.
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