What do i need to set up spy cam or cctv cam ?

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I/My Friend has office, he want to setup a camera in Office so he can view outside activities from his cabin

My Question is What do I need to setup a Cam and how much will it cost ?

As i know i must need a A Cam, A Monitor and some wires/cables
but no idea about it

need some suggestion please

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if it 4 an office den u mite wan2 look 4 sum pro setup - Zicom advertises a lot
mite wan2 check them out
[this reply is based solely on the ads that i c on telly. got no peronal exp with CCTVs, execpt showin my middle finger when i c 1 @ the shoppin centre]

u mite wan2 consider a wireless setup instead of a wired 1
Industrial-Strength Wireless Webcam
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Even Dlink wired is good, we tried in the exam halls in our college to monitor the exams. Its a University rule, all colleges affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore have to implement this.
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