1. S


    I have a HP Pavilion t560i (3 GHz, 512 RAM, Intel 865g mobo). I bought a BIG Geforce 6600 GT AGP Version (128 MB DD3 video memory) today to replace my Geforce 5200 XT. When I plugged it in and it was working just fine. But suddenly my cabinet started giving a current. Yeah I got to know that...
  2. N

    showing virtual memory too low while playing nfs mw?

    problem with nfs most wanted I have just recently installed mw in my pc and after 3 to 4 stage (that is after buying the car in the game) it suddenly crashes to desktop after a splash screen.why does it happen? please help me.
  3. R

    Samsung SW252S CD-RW Drive Gone Crazy

    :? I've got a Samsung SW252S CD-RW for about 1.5 years now with no problems. But suddenly for the last three days its giving lots of problems. It's popping out its tray every now n then even if I don't eject it n even in the middle of reading a cd. Also its not reading cds properly. Its...
  4. M

    My system freezes suddenly

    Hi friends, iam using AMD 2000+,ASUS mobo and hynix 256 ram(266FSB) ,my system suddenly freezes and there will no display after 4 hours of using .i swaped all parts execpt processor and mobo , i think there is pb in mobo if so i want to change it can any recommend good mobo. thanks for ur...
  5. mario_pant

    why did free PC-to-Phone disappear??

    i remember a time when i just used to log on to and just talk hours and hours to my sister in US...... there were so many free pc-to-phone media ring, etc... WHY DID THEY ALL DISAPPEAR SUDDENLY?? although only one ACTUAL free free pc-to-phone remains (ie...
  6. gary4gar

    device falled

    a purchaseed athlon 3000+ msi-mx motherboard 80 gb seagrate sony combo win xp some times a blue screen of death come and system reboots suddenly. after booting msg is displayed your system has recoved from serious error one msg says device falled:i.e display adapater unicrome IGP PRO
  7. Choto Cheeta

    BOOT BOOT... Pls no more BOOT

    Humm.... I am new to chat... Y! chat.... i use Y! msnger v7.... now there is a funny but very irriting problem i face... i dont know what is called but chat usesrs told me thats boot..... what happens is that when logd in suddenly u start to receive many pm atwonce.... 1..2...3...15...25...30...
  8. V

    I'm seriously gone mad with my BOX... Please help....

    Hi Guys..... Get stucked with my PC again.... I've cleared my entire system with ADAWARE, TROJANHUNTER, SPYWAREBLASTER , CCLEANER and POWERSCAN.... Everything is fine... But still my system runs too slow.... I don't know how again all the spyware software like IST, 180...
  9. A

    samsung cdrw drive problems

    the drive tray comes out suddenly sometimes
  10. bharathbala2003

    NFS query..

    well i have query regarding NFS VI HPII.. i suddenly get this error when i double click NFS 6 icon either in main direc or desktop.. i was able 2 play it well till evenin tday! :? suddenly its givin me this error.. is the solution that i shld reinstall the game?? P.S let this thread...
  11. djmykey

    Connection Type

    Now I have an external modem DLink 56kbps. I hooked it up and entered the setting (as per the best of my knowledge). The modem dials and when it is supposed to logon to the network it gives an error no. 19 and says that the kppp daemon died suddenly. I dunno why does this happen. I have a VSNL...
  12. S

    AGP card cooling fan not working ... do i face a problem

    the system gets restarts suddenly when working just Ms Office Applications
  13. saROMan

    Suddenly my xplorer starts..???

    when ever i connect to INET .......after some time....suddenly my xplorer starts n take me to this page......its for Kaaza d/l i donno waz it some kinda Spywere????
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