1. Siddharth_1

    Download Manager Help...

    Is there any download manager which can resume downloading files if internet connection is suddenly lost or if the computer suddenly shuts down? Also it should be a freeware.
  2. piedpiper

    Asus EAH6850 acting weird

    Hello guys its been 1 week since I am enjoying games but there's 1 problem. Till now whatever games I have played, I have experienced stranger behavior from the card. The FPS falls dramatically for a min or so then suddenly its back to normal. This happened with every game. Its like I am playing...
  3. N

    battery problem

    dear one i have dell inspiron 1525 when on battery when it is full charged shows 2 hours when it comes to 1 hour and some 20 to 30 minutes it suddenly goes off what may be the reason? kindly help to know naresh
  4. P

    Audio not working for HP dv51235dx

    Hey friends, I have hp dv5 1235dx with windows vista. One day suddenly there was a some unusual sound from the laptop and it suddenly got restarted. after this restart , laptop sound is not working. i tried reinstalling drivers,updating drivers , restroing the windows and tried other os as...
  5. ithehappy

    Is my Monitor's time up?

    As the title says I am noticing that for last two weeks my monitor is suddenly turning off or going to standby mode. Someday it happens twice or thrice and someday it stays on. I checked every settings in Control Panel power and etc. but everything is OK and my CPU stays on, no sound or awkward...
  6. S

    Pleasd Help Me !Hardware Issue

    Hello Friends! I have big problem with my pc My pc configuration:- Intel core2duo e8400, 4gb ram transcend,wd sata 500gb Recently i had Motherboard issue!(no display) Asus P5N-MX : After gone to service center they give me replacement with P5KPL-AM series, after assembling when i try to...
  7. vikasg03

    Somebody uploading without my knowledge

    Hi, Recently I shifted to ghaziabad and then I take BSNL Broadband connection.Now the problem start. As soon as i connected to net so many viruses start coming every time and then suddenly my download/upload meter (DU Meter) is start showing Heavy Uploading. Suddenly I check and I shocked...
  8. A

    system very slow suddenly

    Hi, When i was de fragmenting my c drive, suddenly due fluctuation system re-started. now it will take 2.5+ min to boot and system also become very slow. Before that it was very fast . No other s/w i install. How can i know that which file being corrupted and how to fix. I already tried system...
  9. jit_devil2


    i have a lg dvd writer..........hl-dt-st dvdram used to work fine but suddenly it reads only data wont read any audio cds or movie dvds.......plz help
  10. A

    System hangs all of a sudden

    Last few days, suddenly my system become hangs, no key/mouese will work. not even ctrl+alt+del.. I have to press the reset button only. My HDD is new 2 months before i purchased (seagate 400 gb) so no chance to issue in disk., and even i format the disk and reinstall xp proff again. whether...
  11. R

    sudden dip in FPS

    hello everyone, my specs are core2duo e7200 abit ip35E 2GB DDR2 corsair 800mhz ram 500W coolermaster powersupply zebronics b2 cabinet sapphire 4850 all running in stock........... now the problem is when playn games like fallout 3 and cod world at war the fps suddenly dips from 90 to 19...
  12. Q

    CPU turns off suddenly

    When i switch on the PC, it started with a 'tik' sound and after about 2 or 3 minutes it suddenly turn off by itself with the same 'tik' sound.. I am unable to explain the 'tik' sound :) .. Its not the Beep sound that i usually heard.. Can anybody help me..
  13. V

    f1 2002 problem

    hello, I downloaded f1 2002 game from torrent.I installed it and the game works but when the race is loading the game suddenly closes and it comes back to its original position(desktop).So please help me:(
  14. S

    Hard disk suddenly becomes unreadable

    Friends i have 2 hard disk 40 gb and 160gb....suddenly i dont system hangs and all those partitions of 160gb hard disk goes off from my computer..i mean the 160gb harddisk becomes unreadable Please help :confused::confused:
  15. D

    Firefox Crashing often

    ever since yesterday my friends firefox has been crashing frequently..he has no add-ons except the google toolbar? this happens while browsing pages...switching from one tab to another..quite suddenly..he's tried firefox from 2.0 to 3.0.3..all the same?what can be the problem & solution?
  16. S

    need to stable clock speed

    hi i m running my comp on an amd64 x2 3800+ and asus m2nmx motherboard with 2gb ddr2 667 ram and a nvidia 7300gt card. when i first bought my computer, i once ran prince of persia sands of time and it worked perfectly. now when i install it, it runs wierd. the character speeds up suddenly and...
  17. O

    Nokia 6300 problem

    I recently applied the security keyguard along with automatic Keyguard after changing the default code. The code worked fine for 2-3 days, then suddenly the phone refused this code.:confused: I tried removing the battery and restarting it, but it did not budge.I told the code to a few other...
  18. stiffuser

    Deactivated the Windows/Open File after Few Second ??

    Hai ! Everyone, I have a small problem with my system. Operation System : XP SP2 When I open any files/windows , suddenly after few second the active windows deactivated automatically. Kindly suggest me some tips
  19. R

    What A Problem?

    I have been handling a server from last 2 months.Actually this server as owner says got restart suddenly then when it started working suddenly all machine attached to it got dump error.After manually restarting the server the attached machine came back to life but server got out off order.Its...
  20. R

    My Machine Got Crazy....

    Hi,Friends I need some help from you all.My computer has gone crazy it seems.I have purchased new machine at my place but the problem is that suddenly my machine got hanged initially it got started and my antivirus was getting updated and suddenly it crashed down it was just as if it got hanged...
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