1. Charley

    Chrome keeps refreshing tabs randomly for no reason

    Google Chrome Version : 49.0.2623.112 m Operating System: Windows XP Service Pack 3 Chrome refreshes all the tabs I have open. It gives no warning or reason. It happens each time I open a site in the new tab or check the opened tabs after 2 minutes . It's really annoying because a lot of...
  2. beingGamer

    CPU usage spikes in games

    Hi guys, posting after long time. My pc specs are mentioned in my signature. Suddenly since 1-2 weeks my cpu usage is keeps spiking at 85-99% in games. In CSGO when I spawn the cpu usage is ~33% when I start walking it shoots to 85-90% In GTAV it stay in 85-99%, yesterday it suddenly...
  3. jackal_79

    In Ear Headphone With Mic For Android

    Hi, Iam looking for a good in-ear headphone with Mic for using with my G2. I am using phillips SHE7005 which suddenly stopped working on the right headphone. My budget is maximum of 1000 /- Should i go for my old model SHE7005 or are there any better ones from Philips in my budget range or...
  4. sygeek

    Suddenly got a black screen on the monitor. Now computer won't boot and GPU fans not spinning proper

    Few days back I suddenly got a weird image on my monitor with squiggly lines (Similar to this, not my image though). I restarted the computer and it booted albeit in a weird manner. Today I got suddenly got a black color screen (not blank but blackish screen). I restarted the system and now it...
  5. T

    Laptop turning off by self

    Lamy dell inspiron n5010 is turning on for a few mins and then suddenly it turns off. Fan makes noise like it seems its rotating fast.
  6. rider

    Laptop suddenly shuts off while booting in new battery

    I just replaced the battery of my hp pavilion dv6-6165tx laptop with a lapcare replacement 6-cell battery. It works fine, gives backup of 3.5-4 hours. The only problem I'm facing is that whenever I turn on my laptop in battery. It shows boots or even get into home screen but suddenly laptop...
  7. bssunilreddy

    Know anything about Illuminati?

    Hai, It is a Secret Organisation that controls the might super powers and none is an exception to it.There are so many info about it but still it mystifies me.It considers the roots of every civilization for its progress which AFAIK was from 5000 years old. Is it a continuation of an ancient...
  8. mitraark

    Laptop suddenly turning off in 2-3 mins

    My Dell laptop is giving this weird problem. After turning it On, it suddenly turns off after 5-10 minutes use. After this, when I turn it on again, it turns off in less than 2-3 minutes,barely reaching the home screen. I turned it On today after 1 week, and it ran for 30+ minutes. But then it...
  9. Subhankar Mondal

    Pc virus

    The Quick Hills in my computer detects a potential threat and after that my PC is suddenly slow. What can I do now? Plz suggest.
  10. K

    Hard Disk Problem

    I got myself a new WD Hard Disk 3 months back . It was running fine. From yesterday, suddenly it stopped working. It runs fine for few minutes, then suddenly stops. When I try to restart my PC windows is stuck at restarting. Can it be my motherboard problem. (I have to turn on my...
  11. Bhav

    Help suddenly screen turns off and monitor shows no signal

    My PC config are Motherboard- Asus M2N68Am-Pluse HDD- 320 gb Possessor- AMD Athlon II X2 240 Power supply - corsair 450w b series Graphic card- MSI 9400 GT RAM- 4 GB Transcend(800mhz) Windows 7 64bit ultimate when i have install 4gb ram then my PC boot and run for some time then...
  12. D

    Webcam suddenly stops recording

    Hi there, I've got a built-in webcam in my laptop (emachines G725). It seems to work normally during video calls etc. as well as when taking photos, but keeps turning off suddenly during recording. Actually the webcam stays on, but it stops recording... it also saves the recording it's made...
  13. mitraark

    Screen Resolution 1920x1080 streching wide suddenly

    I had just opened a video, and started AMD CCC ( Catalyst Control Center ) to change the Gamma a bit , when suddenly , my monitor (Samsung P2350) showed "Auto Adjustment" suddenly and my screen streched out the sides. I cannot figure out what or where the problem lies, when i took a...
  14. D

    Game in fullscreen mode suddenly minimizing

    this is my second post in this forum..i am been having some issues lately. whenever i play a game on my windows PC , it suddenly minimizes it seems that the culprit is an application in the background whic randomly shows up for some microseconds. so i can't find out the app causing this...
  15. aaruni

    Disk space lost!

    Hey guys, In the previous month, I got the disk usage of my computer down to the 80-90 GB range. Then suddenly today I noticed this: Need help!
  16. theserpent

    Whats the problem?

    Screen sudenly blankeed. And another thing that happened.Computer closed.But CPU Case had the lights on :-x.I pressed the restart button in it and after 1 min the computer started again. My dad said suddenly fonts became big and he also has black and white line :?
  17. aaruni

    USB PenDrive turned write protected

    Hey guys, I have a Transcend USB Pendrive (4GB) which has suddenly turned "write-protected". I need some help over here.
  18. theserpent

    Slow Boot-Up and some more things.

    Hey i have Win 7. The boot up takes lot of time even to see the Loading(Blue background) thing. And Some times the screen suddenly goes black.and then shows up again Any idea of the problem? thanks
  19. M

    catalyst control center auto-tune problem ?

    i was using the auto-tune feature to overclock my HD5670, but suddenly the screen started flickering. what's the problem ? how to fix it ?
  20. S

    Gaming prob

    My config Cpu-intel e7500 Mobo gigabyte ga g41 combo Gpu -ati radeon hd 5670 Psu-circle raw power550 watt Os-windows 7 While playing Hd games Sometimes the game suddenly goes of Sometimes there is black screen sometimes there are various colour stripes please help
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