1. B

    Subtitles website for TV shows

    Hi Friends, Is there any good website which has subtitles of TV shows? I am looking for subtitles of Big Little Lies and S05 of Prison Break. Thanks
  2. P

    External subtitle problem, please help!

    I am using mpc hc with renderer madvr latest with lav filters. I am using xysubfilter version 682 beta for subtitles but it only displays embedded subtitles, external .srt subtitle files are not diplayed. I heard a registry hack is availlable for it but could not find it. Please help me...
  3. B

    Subtitles problem in MPC

    Hi Guys I have been using MPC from the past 7-8 years now. I never had any problem. Few minutes ago i was trying to turn off the subtitles of a .mkv movie which were hardcoded. Unfortunately i messed up with the settings and now i am getting bolder, bigger subtitles over the actual subtitles...
  4. sling-shot

    VLC for Android™ beta

    VideoLAN - VLC media player for Android Features Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC. Audio and video media library, with full search. Support for network streams, including HLS. Supports Android from version 2.1 (platform-7). Supports ARMv6, ARMv7...
  5. g_goyal2000

    Subtitles not loading on WMP 11

    Hi guys, I recently installed K-Lite Codec Pack (not mega pack) v7.80 on my Win7 Ultimate over my existing installation of v7.70. After installation, the subtitles stopped loading. So I uninstalled it & reverted back to v7.70. But still the subtitles are not loading. Kindly help me.
  6. ico

    Hilarious videos....

    some hilarious videos which I think deserved a thread of their own. Click the CC for English subtitles if you don't speak/understand Punjabi. :) gAX5vchchSE 6r0RnVCT5aQ xmKZMGh74DU WiSDc8VYgY4
  7. kool

    Superhit South Indian Movie. I dont know Telegu, Tamil. Hw cn i get english subtitles

    Guys, I was bored with Bollywood movies, so just watched few south Indian movie with english subtitles. Wow they have great story, dance, and full action(Much better than bollywood). I really liked it. I watched: Vedam, Arya, Happy, Ye Maaya Chesave, khaleja, and some hindi dubbed: shiva jee...
  8. S

    problem with subtitles in movie

    recently my brother brought me some Russian n Thai action movies,now the problem is that subtitles comes to slow then dialogues,which is annoying,so do we have and solution for this problem
  9. akash22

    hindi subtitles

    guys i wanted to ask you something! Is there any software to make hindi subtitles for hollywood movies or any specific site from where i can dwnload thm? i have tried out subtitle workshop and virtual subs sync bt thy were nt that useful. cud u guys help me out?:-P
  10. sganesh

    How to embed subtitle to video?

    how to combine .srt file with .avi file? the output file should have only .avi with embedded subtitles.
  11. C

    how to merge subtitles to avi/divx files

    how can the subtitles joined/merged with avi/divx without any time difference. thanks
  12. S


    Any one please help me with hardcoding subtitles on an .AVI file.I have googled it , but found only Virtual dub , vobsub , ffdshow.......etc , They take about 8 hours for a 700mb file..and have to convert subtitles to .ssc or sumthing.... :-x Can some1 name a good subtitles hardcoding...
  13. Cool Buddy

    Subtitles on DivX DVD

    I want to add multilingual subtitles on DivX DVD, to be played on my LG DVD player, so that I can switch between them. Is it possible to that? How can I add hindi subtitles? will it support unicode?
  14. veddotcom

    I Wanna See my Movies With Subtitles On TV...But How?

    I have Movie and it's Subtitle, I can Play Movies Along with Subtitles on the Computer Screen, But How Should i Write Those TWO Files on MY DVD So Can i See Movies with The Subtitles on The TV, I Know There is Some Softwares Available From which i can Merge Subtitle with the Movie, But How...
  15. T

    Software for SubTitles authoring

    I did not post this in the software forum cuz i did not think this was troubleshooting. I have used some subtitles editors available from but none of them have a proper work environment. One of the editors allows you to insert subtitles at a particular point, but then the duration...
  16. sravan

    about subtitles

    When I download subtitles from, there are numbers like 160x ,1296x on top of download link. what these num indicate? how to know whether a subtitle file syncs with our video without playing?
  17. N

    VLC player subtitles?

    so i'm trying to play a DVD using VLC and it works fine except i can't get the subtitles to play with it (the DVD does have english subtitles on it) when i'm still in the DVD menu before i play the movie and go to "video" "subtitles track" it shows track 1 and track 2 but when i play the movie...
  18. __Virus__


    I am almost afraid to ask this question. There are so many guides available, but I wish to begin from scratch. Searching on this forum returned quiet satisfactory results but din't help much. I've many VOB files (series of movies precisely) and would like to reburn them, but this time...
  19. sravan

    Adding subtitles to videos

    Is there any software/method to add subtitles that are downloaded from to the video files?
  20. K

    Viewing Gpac subtitles through VLC or media player classic

    Guys, I have a bunch of video files which supposedly have subtitles. Vlc media player didn't show the subtitles and when i opened the file in media player classic, the properties were as follows: Can someone tell me what i need to do to view those subtitles? Can someone please help? Its kind...
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