1. GhorMaanas

    MS Lumia 430 or 435

    Hello! have to give a phone to my grandfather, and selected the 2 in the subject. could anyone pls tell which one of the two would be better? TIA!
  2. Faun

    Podcasts Thread V1: The art of storytelling

    A while ago I used to think about podcast as some sort of boring drivel about technology and other stuff. I mean who would ever prefer to listen when one can watch a movie about the subject ? That sounded not so interesting to me. Not until I got to hear the first podcast mastering the art of...
  3. S

    What to do after in this situation?

    I'd scored 51% in my 10th(cbse) standard and after 11th i got admission in 12th (vocational in automobile engg.) standard to a gov. CBSE school. I'd passed my 12th board exam successfully but faild in maths subject. Since i had 6 subject( 1)Maths, 2) Engg. science, 3) Applied physics, 4)...
  4. liverpoolfcfan

    need a homeNAS server

    hello friends i just am going to build a homeNAS server so i need some inputs from you my requirements 1. at least 12TB STORAGE 2. MY BUDGET IS AROUND 40K & out of subject my question is what is the diff betwwen raid0 ,raid5 & raid 10 why raid0 is worst & why raid 10 is best?:-?:-?
  5. V

    Help for Research Project - Google Form

    Hi friends, In one of my subjects of my MBA course I have been asked to carry out a research project on subject of my choice. I have chosen subject of 'Study of consumer buying behavior with respect to smart phones'. Being a techie I chose to post it here and get views of other techies out...
  6. S

    Book on basics of Photography

    hi all, I tried to find a thread related to books on photography, but did not got one... So I am asking everybody here I Want a Book on basics of Photography i actually want to learn like what is ISO, Exposure , aperture , what happens if it is change in a camera. what value to keep it...
  7. nac

    Understanding camera settings...

    Hi! Recently, I bought Canon SX130 IS. I understood few things by reading the manual and some information from online. Even after reading, I couldn't understand the depth of the information I read. There are lot I didn't understand completely. I thought of asking before, but I felt it was too...
  8. T

    Shocking Report Card

    Shocking :shock: Report Card A Girl in kerala has scored 100% marks in all the SIX subject !!:shock: Can't belive it!!! :smile: here
  9. MatchBoxx

    ECE/ETE vs. CSE!

    i think the veterans visit this sub-forum regularly, so i'm posting my query here! Which is the more geekier subject: Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE)/Electronics & TeleCommunication Engineering(ETE) or Computer Science & Engineering(CSE)???
  10. C

    mpga 478 socket 945 motherboard

    hello guys, I need a motherboard as described in the subject for Pentium IV proccy.
  11. Ponmayilal

    Tutorial:Formatting a large USB HDD with FAT32 for use with PS3

    For my tutorial on the subject please see here .
  12. rohanmathew

    How to hyperlink subject line to a website in gmail.

    I need to hyperlink subject line of gmail to website.Pls help.
  13. rohanmathew

    How to link subject in gmail to website

    I need to give a link of website in subject line of gmail.Pls help me.
  14. D

    Where to get PS3 games on Rent.

    As subject says in Mumbai
  15. Thom_Yorke

    Never Given SEMINAR in life...and I have to give it tomorow

    ....SO I am scared like ****!!! Help me....give me tips to get through this confidently!!:???::???: I am thorough with the subject though!
  16. S

    Govt set to make computers available @ Rs 500

    To take knowledge to every household and help students get feed on every subject while sitting home, the government is set to make available low-cost computers at USD 10 within six months. The computer will be a small equipment with expandable memory, LAN and Wi-Fi facilities. The government...
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Final year books suggestions???

    So finally its the beginning of Final Year of my engineering, got the Academic Schedule today itself and so need your suggestion on the books of the following subjects; Linux :p Compiler Design :confused: Broadband Communication Artificial Intelligence :cool: E-Commerce:mad: BTW we were...
  18. dashang

    About Education

    1] Currently i am in 2nd yr. Dip. IT . I want to know what is Bsc.IT?? is it "Degree in IT"?? 2] Well guys, Can you give me some good tips about learning any computer realted subject quick In cases like in my college very rare practicals are conducted may be 1 or 2 periods...
  19. jacksparrow18

    The future of c#!!!!!!!!

    Hi friends can you tell me that which is better? c# or networking? Let me explain more!!!!!!! in my diploma curriculam we are asked to select one subject "c#" or "data and computer communucation."we have java as compulsary can anyone tell me which subject should be selected...
  20. NucleusKore

    A rational debate on Comcast traffic management

    The discussion on Comcast actively resetting BitTorrent connections to manage its network for its cable broadband service has gotten hot in recent weeks and there hasn’t been a whole lot of accurate reporting on the subject because of the complexity of the issue. The subject of Net Neutrality...
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