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Never Given SEMINAR in life...and I have to give it tomorow

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Right off the assembly line
....SO I am scared like ****!!!

Help me....give me tips to get through this confidently!!:???::???:
I am thorough with the subject though!


what kind of seminar ? where ?

if its one of those seminars in college which you give in front of a few lecs/profs and a whole class then just don't think about it again... go right ahead and say out whatever you know loud and clear !

<actually its the same for all seminars i guess..confidence is key ;) >


Cyborg Agent
Don't be scared. If you're well prepared on the subject, go ahead with confidence. Don't try to appear as if you know more than you do. Don't be too concerned with impressing your audience (it may distract your concentration). Do a mental practice of the sequence. Just be natural, say what you know and leave out what you don't.

Good luck.
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