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Govt set to make computers available @ Rs 500

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Broken In
To take knowledge to every household and help students get feed on every subject while sitting home, the government is set to make available low-cost computers at USD 10 within six months.

The computer will be a small equipment with expandable memory, LAN and Wi-Fi facilities. The government will also produce e-content on every subject which will be made available free of cost.

The low-cost computers are being developed under the central scheme -- National Mission on Education through Information Communication Technology (ICT).



Slideshow Bob
The idea is a good one, but I'm afraid ultimately it will get caught up in the rubbish we call our babudom or bureaucracy.


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
first make mobiles available for 500 then talk about computers lol

will there be screen even ?


Beyond Smart
Could be possible if they decide to subsidize it. That is, if the intention of the government is to spread computer awareness among the less fortunate people or something like that.


wise one
Old news, isn't it? I remember reading about this in July 2008, already 6 months.

And check this
India's '$10 Laptop' to Cost US$100 After All

The Indian Government would also offer assistance to 1,000 polytechnic institutes; 300 in public-private partnership mode and 400 in the private sector, besides taking care of the infrastructure and faculty shortages. Further, to enable students make most out of the advanced technology; the Government also aims to provide 100 dollar laptops to students. Research in this direction is being already carried out at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras. These steps will substantially take care of the quality of higher education, which, as I have mentioned earlier is an essential desideratum of economic growth.


हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
May be we should call the Reliance guyz here! Remember they launched the "500 rupaiye ka mobile"?
I remember this scheme. Its actually a big fat LIE that they are making PCs available for Rs. 500.

Its actually an STB which uses your TV as a monitor and needs a monthly subscription to use.

Its a computer alright, but only *just*.
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