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Book on basics of Photography


Techno Freak
hi all,

I tried to find a thread related to books on photography, but did not got one...

So I am asking everybody here

I Want a Book on basics of Photography

i actually want to learn like what is ISO, Exposure , aperture , what happens if it is change in a camera.

what value to keep it for different shots .

Which Scene Modes to use when like macro ,sports etc.

what is This : 1/160 sec | f/6.5 | 92.0 mm | ISO 80

what is grid , how to use it

how autofocus work and get best results... (like subject is focus background is blur)

how to take the shots @ night with car lights as Red and silver lines on black roads (awesome)

and finally how to use a subject to get best photo graph out...

I want a Cheap book not more than 500 or 1k to start with... (and also easy to read and less in pages :p :p :)

please suggest ....
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