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  1. jal_desai

    Project in Operating Systems Subject... (Engg. Stuff)

    hello guys.. hope u 'all r best in ur health and spirits... i want to know ur suggestions in choosing a project topic in a fourth year IT subject "Operating Systems" ... well since yrs ppl are giving same old projects like simulating various algorithms like Dining philosophers' problem, belady's...
  2. vinaych

    Problem with Viewsonic VX1932wm LCD

    Hello all.. I bought a Viewsonic 19 inch widescreen LCD monitor on Sep 11, 2007 (Model: Viewsonic VX 1932wm) When I play videos, fringes/rings appear around a subject, particularly when the subject is a bright light!! It is very annoying to see these while watching videos. I have seen this as...
  3. koolbluez

    Try this.. Yahoo mail... SUBJECT button

    How many ppl get varied automated subject lines by clicking on the Yahoo Mail Subject button while sending a mail? See what all i got... If you don't tell lies, at least you don't have to remember what you have said. This email contains poultry I've used all my sick days. So I'm callind...
  4. gsoul2soul

    Why is my Email marked SPAM :(

    I have a POP3 account and whenever i send email... the subject line always has this line: ***SPAM*** So even If I send email to my "hotmail or gmail account" the subject line reads: ***SPAM*** Think digit has the best forum What to do... getting mad !!! argh help... Mike here
  5. aditya.shevade

    Help in chosing college project

    Hi I know this might sound stupid, but one of my teachers has asked us to prepare a presentation on any technical/scientific subject in about 5 pages. It should contain working info, general info, uses, and that all in 5 pages. One more thing, it should be preferably a new technology...
  6. Prathmesh_Mouse_Hunter

    suggest a subject for a blog

    hey can anyone can suggest a subject for a blog?
  7. satyamy

    Is their any thing called Boot Virus....?

    Receltly one of my friend says me that his PC was infected with a virus & virus was in boot sector Their is also one post i found says something like boot virus in its subject Is this really true Is their any Virus which attacks boot sector of HDD If yes than wht is it......?
  8. dix

    how 2 identify a virus in an attachment

    I got a mail from a known address--mnnadeem81@ hotmail.com with the subject: Document (there's a pin symbol near the subject). It contains a details.zip attachement file and its size is 22k. I suspect it to be a virus and i have left it unopened. How can I know if it is a virus or something...
  9. S

    algorithm of robot motion planning

    i am trying to do thesis on robot motion planning for masters level.Does any body know any such sites,algorithm or any materials regarding this subject "robot motion planning". are there any such sites which might be helpful for me thanks saha any such completed projects will be great
  10. startmenu

    Problem reading PM

    I am notified that I got 2 PMs , clicked on Private Messages , got to see the sender and the subject but when I click on the subject , next page opens but nothing is displayed on it. I am sure atleast one of them is valid because it came from a mod. What is the problem :?: :?:
  11. A

    AMD Sempron 2500+ ~ Is it a 64 bit proc?

    Simple query, subject says it all! Thanks, Arindam
  12. S


    I googled about it a lot but could not find a satisfying answer. I want to know about MCP, MCSD and MCSE. What are these exams all about. What are the subject requirements(what subjects I have to study to be eligible for it). Any site which can answer my questions.
  13. S

    Any International C Certification ..?

    hai all is there any international cetified online C exams. pls post the website also [Edited Batty] Topic subject changed to make thread relevant ..
  14. Maverick340

    How dya set animated Avtars??

    I guess the subject says it all!!!
  15. K

    Lsass.exe Problems ..

    i have a p pavillion t460i i don`t know what the promblem is i get a message while enterning my windows 'LSA SHELL ENCOUNTERED A PROMBLEM' AND MY PC DOESN`T ACCEPT ANY INPUTS FROM MY MOUSE OR KEYBOARD HELP ME!!!!!!! [Edited Batty] Aray atleast give your thread a relevant subject ..What...
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