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  1. Aditya11

    ac-Router with blinking LEDs to indicate the network activity

    Hi all. I need an ac-router whose front panel LEDs blink when there is download or any other data transfer activities going on. I purchased TP-LINK Archer C50 AC1200 four days back but it has static LEDs and I am going to return it, more so since the coverage isn't exactly great either...
  2. mitraark

    DLink 2750u ADSL Router for Cable Internet

    Have a Dlink 2750u ADSL router which I intend to use for Cable Internet , input is a RJ45 cable, static IP Any one knows how to bypass the DSL ATM COnfiguration page and directly setup using static IP?
  3. tanmaymohan

    Static IP on LAN network

    Hello guys I am trying to host a server (on 2k12) but my modem gives different IPs to all devices connected to my network(phones,pc,laptops,tablets) so I have to change my port forwading settings everytime to change the ip again and again.Is there a way to allocate static IP to LAN...
  4. R

    How to access device with static IP address?

    At my work place my friend has a system with IP How can I access this system from my laptop connecting a lan cable. I probably have to change my IP to static, what about the default gateway and DNS server settings. Any advice would be helpful
  5. S

    configuring alliance broadband for static ip (linksys wrt54g)

    hi all, I need to configure my wireless router (linksys wrt54g) for alliance broadband. could any of you point me to some related link or tutorial? I tried doing it by changing the connection type to static ip in the config page and entering the details which the cable guy provided on the...
  6. D

    Can't connect my s3 through wifi

    Hello guys This problem that I've been having is a bit complicated one and I hope you guys can help. Firstly an overview of devices that I have- Nexus 4 S3 Samsung grand A micromax phone IPod touch A netbook All my devices are able to connect to wifi except the s3 which I bought about a week...
  7. vickybat

    Help in web hosting

    Hello guys I need some help from you all. Recently i had been doing a small personal project i.e developing a static website for my uncle's NGO. Its static coz there are no server calls involved and thus no additional data fetching from xml or json. Its developed in html5/css3 and...
  8. clmlbx

    how to export an exe file from qt Creator

    I made an gui programme in Qt (c++) now I want it to export an exe so how can I do it.. I Googled and I found couple of links which were not much clear they all say static linking.. I believe many here have used qt and exported exe (standalone file).. so please guide me thru that process..
  9. bubusam13

    Static Noise through speakers.

    I have Bitfenix Merc Alpha cabby and F&D A520 2.1 speakers. I hear static noise like gurrr gurrr, gharrr gharrr, chukk chukkk both in the speakers connected in rear and headphone connected in front Jack. I am using on-board internal sound card. My System wiring is OK, I checked it...
  10. Ashokkumar01cbe

    static variables

    hi frnds void staticno(); void main() { staticno(); staticno(); staticno(); } void staticno() { static int c=0; printf("\n%d",c++); } the output i got is 0 1 2 and for this program second program void staticno(); void main() { staticno(); staticno(); staticno(); }...
  11. S

    Spilt static ip

    i seriously need help I have a dlink router D600 which is connected to 2 desktop systems 2 laptops and a tablet. I have a static ip which is configured into the router. I understand the dhcp server concept that it assigns ip addresses to the systems within the network. Now my issue is i dont...
  12. axes2t2

    Cannot upload on Android via wifi.

    So yeah I can't seem to upload an image of any size anywhere. I am connecting through mtnl wifi.Even set up a static ip with google dns on the android.Don't know if that is necessary or not. Anyone know whats wrong ?
  13. patkim

    Static IP option in router

    Wish to know if Static IP option in router config has any actual effect if ISP assigns Dynamic IP. I put one in my dlink router & it got assigned to the router upon save & reboot! Normally is this value overridden by ISP or would it result in conflict some day? I choose one from a range I...
  14. gmg9

    [need help] wifi network setup l cable internet

    [need help] wifi network setup (cable internet) hi guys, need ur help... i hav local cable internet of wishnet. conf n static ip r as follows... ip: 172.x. x. x subnet: 255.255.255.x gateway: 172.x. x. x dns: 172.x. x. x webpage login ip: 192.168.x. x i hav to login to internet...
  15. P

    NEED guide to port my DVR to iball banton

    i have airtel connection with modem and a iball banton wireless router i got d static ip... assume that this is my static ip my modem is in bridge mode my iball router congif is under WAN section ip address submask default gateway...
  16. A

    Exception handling - Java

    here are 2 versions of same program: version 1: package dutt; class App{ static void demo(){ try{ throw new NullPointerException("generic"); }catch(NullPointerException q){ System.out.println("caught inside demo"); throw q; } } public static void...
  17. axes2t2

    MTNL - static IP configaration

    I want to know how to set up a static ip on the MTNL bb.My modem is WA3002 g4. Any links or guides?
  18. yomanabhi

    How to convert static website into dynamic website??

    Hey, my friend's Dad have a business static website, he made this site by a web programmer. He want to change web contents that why he have to convert static website into dynamic site. And programmer wants 15K for changing. Is there is way to change website myself?? Thanks in Advance
  19. K

    How to configure ftp server on xp

    Hello friends! can anybody tell me How can i configure ftp site in windows xp. I have static IP address for internet connectivity. Please help.
  20. B

    Static IP and port forwarding with as your BSNL ISP

    Hi! Does anyone here know how to configure a static IP for a BSNL connection and use it for port forwarding? If someone knows then please post or provide links. Thank you.. PS: I am currently experimenting on it and might get results soon.
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